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09.08.2017 South Africa No confidence vote: a victory for Zuma, but a defeat for the ANC 0.0 +48
10.08.2017 South Africa Opposition parties have found the ANC's Achilles heel: Jacob Zuma 0.0 +62
12.07.2017 South Africa Agriculture DG Mike Mlengana suspended 0.0 +69
09.08.2017 South Africa Lessons from South Africa: parliamentary conscience and the courage to rebel 0.1 +87
09.07.2017 South Africa ANC policy anarchy – its leaders are too weak to lead, or too weak to take over 0.0 +93
26.06.2017 South Africa How South Africa can stop political interference in who gets prosecuted 0.0 +106
16.08.2017 South Africa What the lack of accountability for Marikana says about Zuma's government 0.14 +108
04.08.2017 South Africa Zuma no confidence vote: the ANC is the loser, whatever happens 0.0 +110
27.07.2017 South Africa Strong partnerships key to economic transformation 0.4 +118
11.06.2017 Uganda No more district tenders for roads, Museveni tells local governments 0.3 +139
20.06.2017 South Africa Pursuing a 30-year old bailout is sending South Africa on a wild goose chase 0.0 +148
22.06.2017 Congo - DRC From Mobutu to Kabila, the DRC is paying a heavy price for autocrats at its helm 0.5 +156
15.06.2017 South Africa Mining companies required to have 30% black ownership 0.0 +160
26.06.2017 South Africa Nuclear and coal lobbies threaten to scupper renewables in South Africa 0.0 +165
27.07.2017 South Africa Political irrationality is ruining South Africa, but can still be stopped 0.3 +171