Making Addis Live Its Name and Fame

By Fitsum Getachew

It is recorded that Addis was established by Empress Taitu in 1887 as the ideal capital of the country. There were many reasons why she and her husband Menelik selected this site as the capital for their empire. But among the reasons were the fact that she was impressed by the landscape, the climatic conditions, its central position and the 'hot springs' of Filwuha which was considered very good for a healthy life.

Since its foundation, Addis has been at the core of Ethiopian politics as it has since served continuously as the capital of the country. But it has also served as its principal commercial, industrial and cultural centre. So much of the recent Ethiopian history has happened here and so many international events have taken place here. And nowadays it is not only the diplomatic capital of Africa, seat of various international bodies, but also a very important conference center thanks to its geographical position, its special geopolitical importance and its attractiveness to every country and every ideology.

The fact that Ethiopia is a country which owns a variety of cultural and religious heritages also makes it a preferred destination for many leaders and diplomats. Politically, it is a neutral venue for any peace talks to carry out, especially if it is a regional issue that must be settled. Ethiopia's image in the international arena is also a plus to this factor, as peace keeper and peace maker at the UN level.