DA Skews Budget Away From Wealthy Suburbs in Favour of Khayelitsha Residents

By Helen Zille

It is true that the DA governs poor black areas differently from wealthy suburbs such as Constantia and Bishopscourt. We pour resources into the former, and virtually ignore the latter.

Being the kind of person who likes to work in a quiet space, I am always amazed at people who can concentrate on a complex task with the TV blaring in the background.

Nevertheless, I often benefit from those who can, like my secretary, Donnae Strydom. Walking through her office to get to mine, I often pick up serendipitous snippets of news on eNCA that turn out to be very useful. There is a term to describe this phenomenon. It is called "incidental learning".

Rushing through her office this week, I heard a woman's voice say: "If you look at that 40.5% which is ANC voters giving Helen Zille the thumbs up... .."

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