Kigali's Largest Unplanned Settlement Set for Facelift

By James Karuhanga

Rural-urban migration is a common phenomenon in all developing countries and the increasing numbers of people moving towards urban areas causes several things, including hundreds of underprivileged people living in cramped spaces without adequate sanitation, to happen.

Besides the need to stick to the land use plan of the City of Kigali, awful conditions relating to public health, especially provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal oblige authorities to push for solutions and, as such, in the near future, Kigali's biggest slum - in the Kangondo I and Kangondo II zones of Nyarutarama - will be a story of the past.

According to city businessman Denis Karera, a new project - the Savannah Creek project - will soon undertake the process to redevelop the shanty quarter, populary known as 'Bannyahe' for its lack of proper sewerage system.