Uganda's Collapsing Buildings Due to Structural Failures

Agnes Nantaba

Jesse Tukacungurwa is the CEO of Oncepti architects. He spoke to The Independent’s Agnes E Nantaba about the architects’ role in bridging Uganda’s housing deficit.

What are the key elements in your management philosophy?

As a manager, I am a perfectionist. I like to put my hands on almost everything. It is something I am trying to avoid because sometimes I find myself overwhelmed. Ideally, a good manager should be able to delegate.

What is your assessment of the housing industry in Uganda?

We still have a long way to go because developers are still targeting middle and high income earners. If you look at the pyramid of our society, most people are far below the pyramid and thus are not catered for in the current housing projects. To make the situation worse, the population in the low income bracket is increasing as people move from rural to urban areas.