Property Wars - the Battle for the Soul of Cape Town

Cape Town is booming, with million-rand developments going up all over its centre. The city has been ranked as one of the top cities in the world for foreign direct investment: a feather in the cap of its investment arm, Wesgro. But tensions are mounting over what this development means for those displaced or otherwise affected by the property projects. As Cape Town moves forward, are its residents being left behind? By REBECCA DAVIS.

"Ordinary people in Cape Town are losing their right to live in the city in peace," says Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers' Association chairman Osman Shaboodien with passion. "As communities, we are slowly being moved out, for developers to run rampage."

Shaboodien's sentiments are being echoed by working-class people all over Cape Town's centre. The now ubiquitous sight of cranes and earthmovers is evidence that Cape Town is experiencing a development boom. But what residents like Shaboodien want to know is: development for whom?