Marikana On Edge - Occupiers Ready to Defend in Housing Showdown

A showdown looms in Marikana as government today might begin evicting those who have occupied new houses on land donated by Lonmin. Occupiers insist they have a right to the housing, while government wants them to respect a recent court decision finding they don't have a right to these houses. By GREG NICOLSON.

The North West Department of Local Government and Human Settlements is still considering whether to evict those who have occupied about 290 new houses in Marikana's Extension 2 after a High Court order said the community must vacate the properties by Monday.

On Sunday, department spokesman Ben Bole said the government had not made a decision on whether it would evict the occupiers and was considering the implications of an appeal lodged in the Mafikeng High Court. Bole called on residents to move out immediately, regardless of their appeal.