Cape Filmmaker Tackles Gentrification and Spacial Violence

By Leila Dee Dougan

Dozens of Salt River community members and Reclaim the City activists occupied the Old Biscuit Mill recently in protest against the eviction of low income residents on Bromwell Street, situated just around the corner from Cape Town's luxury-goods market. Filmmaker Kurt Orderson was there to document it all.

Kurt Orderson has seen homes bulldozed, families left out on the streets and residents traumatised in Cape Town's neighbourhoods of Woodstock and Salt River.

He's been working with and documenting the lives of community members who have faced eviction over the past two years to make way for development companies promoting a wave of gentrification that has seen property prices skyrocket and demographics shift in these historic areas. His documentary, Not in My Neighbourhood: gentrification, spacial violence and the need for resistance, is currently in fundraising phase.