Roads Rehabilitation to Be Profound - Construction Minister

Sumbe — The level of intervention of the road rehabilitation will be profound aiming at structurally recovering the physical characteristics of primary roads.

This was said on Tuesday in Longa locality in the coastal Cuanza Sul province by the Construction minister, Waldemar Pires Alexandre, after the signing of contracts for the reconstruction of 328 kilometers of the sections on National Highway 100 on the roads that connect Luanda to Cuanza Sul, under the operational plan of the Chinese credit line.

He noted that to achieve the objectives inspection of ongoing works will be carried out with the utmost rigour, based on the current legislation on the law of public procurement.

The minister stressed that this whole range of interventions will enable to have national roads rehabilitated, as well as users' mobility, safer and acceptable movement and comfort.

According to the minister, work is being done so that these works may have the necessary durability.

Under the agreements signed between the governments of Angola and China, it was subjacent that at least 20 percent of resources allocated to projects awarded to Chinese companies local companies to work in this process must be subcontracted.

Regarding the cities of Sumbe, Porto Amboim and Gabela, the official said part of the integrated infrastructure projects, which began a few years ago, most unfortunately are stopped due to financial constraint.