Woodstock residents occupy The Old Biscuit Mill

Over 20 families living in Bromwell Street face eviction

By Mary-Anne Gontsana

Bromwell Street tenants supported by activist group Reclaim the City marched through Woodstock on Saturday morning to oppose their imminent evictions from their homes.

According to Reclaim the City, in October 2013, the homes of the Bromwell street tenants were purchased by an entity called The Woodstock Hub. These new owners have secured eviction orders against the residents. The residents say they face eviction between 9 and 10 September.

In June we reported the ongoing effort to evict the Bromwell Street residents. We wrote then:

The Woodstock Hub has no website or contact information. Trematon Capital Investments Limited, a large investment group based in Cape Town, lists The Woodstock Hub as a 50% joint venture. In its 2015 Investment report, Trematon notes “The Woodstock Hub continues to acquire properties in the Woodstock area in Cape Town with the intention to redevelop both residential, commercial and mixed-use properties.” No individual property is named.

The company registration names the directors as Trematon Capital CEO Arnold Shapiro, and chief financial officer Arthur Winkler. Another director of Woodstock Hub, Jacques van Embden, is the founder of Prime Residential Properties, a property developer that also owns “The Hub,” (not directly affiliated with The Woodstock Hub), a new apartment complex a block away from Bromwell Street.

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