'Architecting Addis' in Eyes of Panellists

By Daniel Beyene

Very recently, Association of Ethiopian Architects has held its 18th annual convention at Sheraton Addis. During this two-day long meeting, panel discussion entitled 'Architecting Addis' was conducted. Therefore, at the event, Ethiopian Press Journalists approached two panellists, Zeleke Belay and Dr. Zegeye Cherenet.

Responding to the existing legal framework of planning, lecturer of Architecture at Addis Ababa University and owner of Zeleke Belay Architect P.L.C Zeleke Belay said that on several occasions, Addis Ababa City Administration and the government have been enacting a number of urban planning laws in relation to the existing master plan. But, he added that as the urban planning laws are not observed in a more serious manner, there is inconsistent law implementation in this regard.

According to Zeleke, urban planning and design are crucial for a given city expansion plan and for owning beautiful and attractive city in the future. “ If our city lacks plan, it is obvious that we will end up having the most disorganised city in the world. Therefore, our urban planning has to be implemented with a view to improving the housing plans in the future rather than completely replacing them with the new ones,” he noted.

Moreover, Zeleke underlined that architects, urban planners and the public at large must actively participate in the process of urban planning, adding that, having reached a consensus on the city planning, every body has to abide by such plan, he reiterated.

Zeleke further said that every city of the country including Addis Ababa has a city plan that has been developed for many years, but some individuals knowingly or unknowingly have been building houses and other facilities violating the plan. “That is why we have recently begun to witness a number of disorganised cities in this country,” he says.

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