Let Us Sort Out Harare

By Victoria Ruzvidzo

A capital city usually reflects the general state of a country. It is a microcosm of the whole nation and perceptions of the whole area largely based on this one part. Harare exudes potential and pride of place. Or does it anymore? If the truth be told, Harare has become a pale shadowy of its former self. The infrastructure is dilapidated, there is chaos in the city centre with vendors, commuter omnibuses and mushika-shika outdoing each other to break city by-laws and regulations. They have the nerve to do so even a stone's throw away from the city's headquarters-Town House.

Not long ago we used to brag that unlike some African cities where meat is sold on the street and where they have traffic congestion all day long Harare was actually one of the most cleanest.

In fact the sunshine city status has been dimmed by the dilapidation that has now become even more rapid. If a few years ago anyone would have said Harare would be in the state it is today, we would have all laughed at that person or considered them a good candidate for a psychiatric ward. But as if in a dream or nightmare even, Harare is now a city gone bad for real.

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