Lagos Reopens Lekki Gardens

The Lagos State Government has ordered the reopening of the residences of Lekki Gardens which was shut on the instructions of Governor Akinwumi Ambode over a month ago.

The order followed a series of protests embarked upon by Lekki Gardens Residents' and Homeowners' Associations in the aftermath of a newspaper advertorial inviting investors in the estate to engage the services of a law firm to file a class action to seek judicial reprieve.

After a meeting from which a communique entitled: "Committee of Lekki Gardens Residents' and Homeowners' Associations," emanated, the association marched on the office of the Lagos State Governor, Alausa. Realising that the governor was out of the office at the time of their arrival, they moved on to the Lagos State House of Assembly where they submitted a copy of their communique for onward transmission to the governor.