Property Development Managers – Africa

Property Development Managers – Africa
International equity fund needs some strong, well experienced Project Development Managers in the areas of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria. Well versed in the business world in Africa, this organisation has a proven track record of keeping its finger on the pulse to ensure
effective and relevant projects are delivered to enhance the development of third world countries and a better lifestyle for their people.
Although they would prefer a South African, it is not essential as the experience gained in the Far or Middle East would be appropriate to ensure effective sustainable projects. It is essential to have a degree ( B Sc Engineering, Building, Civil, Architecture or Quantity Surveying) plus the ability to work closely with in-house departments of property companies and tenants as well as manage the full process with European Consultants.

Projects they wish to have developed include major retail malls, some industrial developments which would include all infrastructures.
Salary package would be expat if based in Africa or paid in South Africa Rands if based in Johannesburg. Please ensure we have updated information and that we know that you are serious about your career.