Luanda's New Airport To Clip OR's Wings

The New International Airport of Luanda, Africa's second largest, is due to go into operation in the coming months. The Terminal Building area is 160,000 square metres and is able to handle around 13 million passengers per annum, around half the capacity of Johannesburg's OR Tambo Airport. The Cargo Terminal has a capacity of 35,000 tons per annum.
When operative, Luanda's new airport will compete directly for central position as Africa's primary southern air travel hub. It is likely to succeed; it is geographically better positioned on the sub-continent and it is likely to offer better rates and service under Chinese management than South Africa's uncomfortable and frequently dysfunctional airports. 
As a tourist stop-over Johannesburg has absolutely nothing to offer the traveller; Luanda, on the other hand, has five hundred years of rich history and is poised on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. And then there is the New Luanda ...

Source: China International Fund Limited

Considering the three pillars of prosperity in the race for regional supremacy we find the scales firmly tipped in favour of the Angolans; 
1. POLITICS - Angola is politically stable - South Africa is volatile. Both countries are one party states ruled by an elite class; the difference is that Angola's ruling class is some forty years old, experienced, mature and well entrenched - South Africa's immature political landscape is dominated by a gaggle of self serving imbeciles alongside a corporatised power core owned by NATO, the UN, and the IMF.
2. ECONOMY - Angola's economy is pumping whilst South Africa's economy remains in a stagnant depression. Angola has a bouquet of untouched natural resources second to none with a supply of oil, gold and diamonds sufficient to keep its economy growing in double digits for a very long time to come. South Africa's core natural resources are all but depleted and its services sector has been decimated by race based empowerment policies.
3. STABILITY - Angola has one of Africa's most experienced and powerful armies and a well oiled security apparatus. South Africa has no army to speak of; its corrupt police force lacks the ability to protect itself, quell crime and control popular unrest.
At the core of South Africa's demise is its fifty year old "alliance" with NATO countries; the United Kingdom, the EU and the United States. These countries are currently spiralling out of economic control and facing huge challenges on their home ground. Some analysts believe that the next American civil war is imminent as is the collapse of the European Union
Angola's deep rooted relationship with China is the primary reason for its economic success and its ability to produce physical evidence of growth and progress. Luanda's New International Airport is a prime example of the wisdom of doing business with the world's only remaining superpower; China.

Jorge Mandioca - Maputo 2012