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Date Country News Item
23.03.18 South Africa Losing the war on waste in filthy Port Elizabeth suburb
22.03.18 South Africa Expropriations: Committee to hold public hearings on land reform
22.03.18 South Africa Evicted land occupiers take refuge in crèche
22.03.18 South Africa Inside the ANC’s KZN war
21.03.18 South Africa Cape Town residents call for land for “dignified homes”
21.03.18 International Intensified cooperation crucial to respond to water local crisis around the world
20.03.18 South Africa Marikana workers live in dire conditions three years after Farlam report
20.03.18 South Africa Cape Town to pilot “safe space” for homeless people
20.03.18 South Africa SA Government steps in to support dysfunctional municipalities
20.03.18 Mozambique Women bear the brunt of Africa's urban disasters, such as the collapse of landfills
20.03.18 South Africa Listeria Bacterium Crisis : Tiger Brands closes Pretoria facility
20.03.18 South Africa Bereaved father starts drive to fix Limpopo schools
20.03.18 South Africa Mfuleni’s evicted land occupiers squat in makeshift communal shacks
19.03.18 Somalia Turkey to Rebuild Somali Parliament
19.03.18 South Africa Women of Glebelands hostel devastated by violence
19.03.18 South Africa Cape Town housing activist fatally stabbed
19.03.18 Kenya How Nairobi can fix its serious waste problem
19.03.18 Mozambique Mozambique Update: Renamo takes Nampula
16.03.18 South Africa President Ramaphosa orders audit into unsafe school structures
16.03.18 South Africa Ramaphosa calls for urgent report on PRASA attack
16.03.18 South Africa PE officials and residents debate land occupations
16.03.18 South Africa Police call for calm after farmhouse, sugarcane fields set alight
16.03.18 South Africa Durban is slowly becoming a seaside city without any sand
16.03.18 Mozambique Maputo Ring Road Still Not Complete
16.03.18 Uganda Ugandan Engineers Decry Quacks in the Profession
16.03.18 Ethiopia Ethiopian Bureau Amends Construction Sector Guideline
15.03.18 South Africa Explainer: what's behind the rabies outbreak in South Africa
15.03.18 South Africa How we recreated a lost African city with laser technology
15.03.18 South Africa South Africans to withdraw medication at the 'ATM pharmacy'
15.03.18 South Africa SADC arms itself to respond to Listeriosis Outbreak
15.03.18 South Africa Constitution changed to allow for expropriation of land in South Africa
14.03.18 Botswana Kazungula Bridge Project Firms Up
14.03.18 Zimbabwe Digesting Ramifications of Kazungula Rail Road Project
13.03.18 Nigeria Special Report - Lagos: Massive Construction, Hidden Financial Details
13.03.18 South Africa Court orders Brett Herron to explain emergency housing options
13.03.18 South Africa Hundreds lose their homes in Cape Town fire
13.03.18 South Africa Woodstock residents shocked by prospect of life in Wolwerivier
13.03.18 South Africa How Cape Town more than halved its water usage
13.03.18 South Africa Here are five signs that universities are turning into corporations
13.03.18 South Africa South Africa's economy is badly skewed to the big guys: how it can be changed