Date Country News Item
20.11.17 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe : New Boss Same As Old Boss
20.11.17 South Africa Why Woodstock needs affordable housing
20.11.17 Zimbabwe Students shut down University of Zimbabwe
20.11.17 South Africa SA architect Handre de la Rey's concrete sunglasses launch to market
19.11.17 South Africa Citizen science: how ordinary people can guard Cape Town's biodiversity
19.11.17 South Africa Options on the table as South Africa wrestles with funding higher education
18.11.17 South Africa One Stop Shop to unlock opportunities for foreign investment
18.11.17 South Africa Beacon Bay community takes protest to mayor
18.11.17 Africa Africa called to support circular economy
17.11.17 International Mayors and governors from around the world adopt the Mechelen Declaration on Cities and Migration
16.11.17 South Africa Eskom self-reflects, gets ready for change
16.11.17 South Africa South Africa sees snow in November
16.11.17 South Africa Slow progress bringing new water to Cape Town
16.11.17 South Africa Water crisis: the more we know, the better we can respond
15.11.17 South Africa Metrorail commuters throw stones at each other
15.11.17 South Africa Residents object to R1.6 million fence for Wynberg Park
15.11.17 South Africa Pearson Conservatory in decay despite upgrade
15.11.17 Zimbabwe Mortgage Loan Repayment Costs U.S.$99 Per Month in Zimbabwe
15.11.17 South Africa Two-Year-Old Killed, Almost 1 000 Displaced in Durban Fire
14.11.17 South Africa Aerotropolis master plan to bring much needed jobs