How to Green Uganda's Cities

By Wambi Michael

Kampala — Locals in Kampala, Uganda's capital, always have two or three things to say in a conversation about how the city is developing. Some say it is filthy because of the growing waste; others say it is a slum because of its unplanned settlements; and then there are those who say it is just plain inconvenient because of the traffic congestion created by the boda boda (motorcycle taxis) and commuter taxis that honk incessantly as they make their way along the streets.

But Juliana (not real name), a student from Seven Hills International School, has a solution to the capital's urbanisation crisis.

"I'm praying that a hurricane hits Kampala so that we would have no choice but to re-organise it," she says. She is part of a class team working on a project to turn Kampala into modern city.