Benoy Shares Their Design for a New Global Business School in Saudi Arabia

Courtesy of Benoy Courtesy of Benoy

Slated to open in 2020, Benoy has released their design for a central academic building in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It will house the Global Business School, an educational hub that will attract Saudi and international business students through partnerships with Imperial College Business school, Cornell University, and Harvard Law School.

Courtesy of Benoy Courtesy of Benoy

The six-level building will be composed of two distinct wings connected by an enclosed atrium. Sporting smooth contours and rounded corners, the north wing will contain faculty offices, teaching spaces, and the innovation center. While the larger, south wing surrounds it with student dining halls, an auditorium, sports area, and a knowledge center.

According to the firm, the layout was designed to foster social interaction and minimize hierarchy and social boundaries within the school community.

Courtesy of Benoy Courtesy of Benoy

A significant presence in the Middle East with studios in Dubai and Bahrain, Benoy are known for their large-scale projects in the area including Yas Island, the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi, and City Walk and The Beach in Dubai. They are also responsible for a number of projects currently in progress, including the Tahlia Street retail development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and a new terminal at Bahrain Airport.

News via: Benoy