Construction of Maputo-Katembe Bridge Nears Completion

Thus a handful of illegal sellers have delayed the conclusion by some months of an investment costing around 700 million dollars, and so far the Council has been too timid to use force against them.

Maputo — Construction of the suspension bridge over the Bay of Maputo, linking the centre of the city to the outlying urban district of Katembe, is now 70 per cent complete, following the installation on Wednesday of the final sections of the bridge deck.

The Minister of Public Works, Carlos Bonete, who witnessed the insertion of the last piece of the deck, told reporters this was a landmark since the northern and southern ends of the bridge are now connected.

Cited in Thursday's issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, Bonete said the next stage is the internal and external soldering of the deck which could take about two months.

But the original plan of delivering the bridge and its access roads by the end of the year is now impossible to fulfil because Maputo City Council has failed to remove an illegal market that is blocking the northern access.