GIFA Award of Merit 2017 : 138 Jan Smuts by C76 Architecture

138 Jan Smuts by C76AD Architects



138 Jan Smuts refurbishes an existing building into an exciting mixed use working environment that comprises street front retail and gallery spaces, converts old apartments on the first floor into modular open plan offices interrupted by service pods, and creates double volume collaborative loft-office and exhibition spaces for creatives on the third and fourth floors capped by new zig-zag dormers that allow north light into the working spaces. Deep balconies added on the street façade create a heat retainer in winter while pulley operated screens ventilate the spaces in summer. The roof deck provides social spaces with exceptional views over the city. The building is entered from the street and the parking at the back through existing staircases linked to a new bright yellow steel fire escape that pops out into a lower level courtyard creating an area for work, events and socialising. The design is environmentally responsible through innovative passive strategies including rainwater harvesting to flush toilets and irrigate the planted interventions.

The architecture communicates the historic layers exposing old and new materials and clever detailing.