Ethiopia's New Transport Hope

By Addisalem Mulat

Without a shadow of doubt, transport plays a major role in smoothing the progress of a given country for the most part in bolstering the economy of a given country and changing the lives of millions. In reality,the growing economy of our country necessitates high transport infrastructure seeing that achieving the intended target would be easier said than done. Furthermore, the railway transport helps in catalyzing the country's trade flow, connecting development corridors and bringing into play alternative ports for the socio-economic development of the country. It as well plays a major role in taking the country to new heights of success.

Before coming into being, the Ethiopian Railway Corporation was successfully able to make railway line selection. After the corporation had identified the requirements of technical activities, financial capacities and other related aspects, it set a plan to construct eight railway train lines (corridors). By the same token, here and abroad, , project management inclusive,the corporation had trained a range of manpower in different train engineering fields: civil , electrical and mechanical with certificates, degrees and masters with in the time interval which lasted from six months to three years.

Beyond any doubt, the expansion of the railway lines make certain the development corridor strategies of the country, confirm division of product and what have you. Though the project is run by contractors, the number of consultants as well as engineers taking part in the profession is increasing . This in turn helps build self-confidence and minimize building cost.