SACAP announces appointment of WiASA Task Team

The South African Council for the Architecture Profession (SACAP) announced the appointment of the Task Team of its programme: “Women in Architecture South Africa” (WiASA), under the leadership of Chairperson Ms Karuni Naidoo.

Ms Naidoo, is now joined by four Task Team members which includes:

Ms Sedica Davids , currently Secretary and HR manager at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflections (MISTRA) and board member of Iranti-org; Ms Carika Anel Gouws, a professional architect at TCN Architects in East London, currently serves on the Border Kei Institute of Architects (BKIA), Ms Simone le Grange, a professional architect and urban designer, Academic Development Lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) School of Architecture and Ms Onthathile Makgalemela, a candidate architectural technologist, and junior lecturer at University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Department of Architecture.

Ms Mira Fassler Kamstra, a Sophia Gray Laureate was nominated as Patron.

One of the main objectives of WiASA is to transform and change the culture within the profession. It is progressive, broad and far-reaching, and provides a structure within which women in architecture can begin to address their needs.

Details of the WiASA programme will be made available once the Task Team has met.

Leading up to the appointment of the Task Team, was a call for nominations in October 2015, published on the SACAP website and distributed widely through the Accredited Architectural Learning Sites (ALS’s) and Voluntary Associations (VA’s).

Forty-five applications were received and reviewed by the SACAP WiASA selection panel in mid February 2016. The four successful candidates who have been selected, have all accepted their appointment and look forward to contributing their unique skills and resources for the realization of WiASA’s vision.

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