The SAIA Total SA Architectural Competition - Results

The SAIA Total SA short single stage architectural competition Results

During November 2015, SAIA invited architects in good standing (SAIA Practices) to submit design proposals for a single-stage design competition, sponsored by Total South Africa. The competition was held over a period of ten days and entries closed on 23 November 2015. The winners were announced on 4 March 2016.

The competition brief called for a concept design of a new main line, filling station, to be located next to the Sable Road interchange (Century City), on the N1 close to the Cape Town CBD. Entrants were provided a document containing various criteria setting out Total SA’s objective to develop and build service stations that are sustainable, environmentally responsible, and economically viable.

A Sustainable Building Assessment Tool (S.B.A.T.), which was developed by Total SA to evaluate existing sites, and identify areas for improvement in their premier design standard was included in the criteria to emphasize the importance of implementing these attributes in future service stations. The tool also contains guidelines for evaluating the effective and responsible use of energy, water, and building materials, as well as the control of waste and emissions, the biodiversity of the site, the attributes of the local economy, as well as potential for educating the public about these aspects.

The sponsors wished to identify innovative design that showcases an understanding of the retail and fuel industry, proven expertise, as well as project experience and an understanding of Total SA’s vision for developing environmentally friendly and energy efficient service stations. The winning entry would be awarded an R 80 000 cash prize, and the winner would be appointed as architect on the professional team for the project. Cash prizes would also be awarded to second and third places.

Competition entries were adjudicated on 15 January 2016. SAIA was represented by three professional architects, and a team of five executives represented Total South Africa. The entrants’ response to the brief, in the form of drawings and text in electronic format, were viewed and deliberated against a set of criteria compiled for the purpose. The standard of entries received was high and many concepts were explored.

SAIA announced the winners of the SAIA Total SA short, single-stage architectural competition on 4 March 2016. The winners are:

First prize:     Robert Silke and Partners

Second prize:     Architects of Justice
Third prize:    Slate Architects and Quantity Surveyors

The winning entry recognises the importance of the location and proposes a building representing the Total SA national brand and the value it places on the environment and the importance of sustainable architecture. The project proposes a building bridging the marshy wetland habitat to create a visually high impact park-like feature at the entrance to the forecourt. Rainwater is collected in concrete ‘aqueducts’ straddling the forecourt and channelled to the wetland. The visual impact created by the oversized concrete aqueducts contribution to the visual recognisability which lies at the core of branding considerations. A steel and glass filigree structure completes the roof over the pump court, providing a filtered daylight area.

The judges found this design solution to be highly informed by the immediate environment and contain the essence of Total South Africa’s criteria. A worthy winner.

Text and images courtesy of Gerd Bolt, Pr Arch – Convenor