AAFF2016: Architect Africa Film Festival - Call for Entries




It is now time to investigate the cultural constructs of the future, and the aspirations, projects and dreams that are springing up in the localities of the globalised world.
Arjun Appadurai

For the first time, design has acquired a strategic role within the world economy. No longer the domain of an elite, design is now driving a new process of expansion.
XXI Triennale Milan 2016

Building on the construct “Feel Universal, Think Global and Act Local”, the AAFF2016 is looking for feature films, documentaries, webdocs, short films and multimedia projects that examine the myriad ways in which design – in its broadest sense – shapes architecture and the built environment; cultural and social innovation; new media, visual arts and digital communications; economic reality; and environmental sustainability.

Advances in digital communications and media have changed the way we live, work and play. It has become easier, cheaper and faster to communicate new concepts, concerns and ground-breaking ideas. Correspondingly, the power of digital media to offer us a more socially equitable, environmentally considerate and economically effective platform has never been greater. Previously unheard voices can now be heard; new spaces and opportunities are opening up all around us all the time; and we’re able to engage around common causes in ways that previous generations could not.

In this context, design is no longer a solitary practice but a multidisciplinary process, where the boundaries between disciplines are dissolved in search of new forms of project development.
  •     How do we use new forms of media to allow us to connect and operate at a global level, yet at the same time encourage us to honour the local histories and traditions that shape our cultural identities?
  •     Is it possible to share diverse stories and experiences in a way that leads to speculation and risk-taking, not pastiche?
  •     How can advancing technology and resource scarcity work together as drivers for innovation and creativity?
  •     And how can this thinking be translated into the design and production of processes, systems, spaces, structures, landscapes and urbanscapes?

We call on architects, planners, filmmakers, artists, designers and all those with an interest in creating cities, landscape and the built environment to be part of a conversation that celebrates creativity and innovation in the built environment. We call on you to be daring in exploring your reality and your future.

Submit your entries for the AAFF2016 before 30 April 2016 by uploading your film/s to YouTube or Vimeo, and emailing the link to submissions@aaff.co.za.     Visit the website for more details.