CICA Awards: Buenos Aires Biennial 2015

The fifteenth edition of the Buenos Aires Biennial, XV Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura Buenos Aires 2015, included a series of lectures held from 8 to 11 September 2015 and an exhibition of works that ran until 27 September 2015.

Following the official welcome by the Biennial's Director, Carlos Sallaberry, the opening lecture of the Biennial was delivered by the Secretary General of the International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA), Manuel Cuadra; and CICA members participated in the Biennial through a series of lectures and a roundtable discussion on Friday 11 September, which focussed on questions of ‘Identity and Globalisation: Critical Relationships’.

CICA Opening Lecture

On Friday evening 11 September, the Committee announced the winners of the CICA Awards juried within the Biennial in the Centro Cultural Recoleta. The Awards were as follows:

"Premio CICA de Urbanismo" in urbanism:
Campus WU, Vienna, Austria
Architect: BUSarchitektur

"Premio CICA de Arquitectura" in architecture:       
Nuevo Museo del Coche, Lisboa, Portugal
Architect: Paulo Mendes da Rocha with MMBB Arquitetos and BAK Arquitetos

"Premio CICA a Jóvenes Arquitectos" to young architects:
Architect: Grupo Talca - Martín del Solar, Rodrigo Sheward, Chile

"Premio CICA de Arquitectura Argentina" to architecture in Argentina:
Iglesia del Corazón de Jesús, UCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architect: Urgell Penedo Urgell

"Premio CICA de Arquitectura Argentina Joven" to young architects in Argentina:
Capilla San Bernardo, La Playosa, Córdoba, Argentina
Architect: Nicolás Campodónico

The CICA jury consisted of:

Carlos Eduardo Comas (Brasil)
Frederick Cooper Llosa (Peru)
Manuel Cuadra (Germany)
Fernando Diez (Argentina)
Xiangning Li (China)
Xing Ruan (Australia)
Ruth Verde Zein (Brasil)
Karen Eicker (South Africa)

The next edition of the CICA Awards: Buenos Aires Biennial is set for 2017.