Central Bank of Liberia Dedicates New Office Complex in Monrovia

Monrovia - It was a colorful occasion as several dignitaries ranging from foreign to local gathered for the official opening of the new Central Bank of Liberia offices in Monrovia. The building, according to its history, was constructed on May 18, 1989, but faced several structural problems. Its revamp now include four vaults, a passageway for the disabled and an adjoining parking lot and a host of other attractions, officials say will make banking more accessible and conducive.

The CBL says bidding for the new facility was competitive and met international standard. CESAF was the contractor, while AEP served as consultant. Dr. J. Mills Jones, Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia described the day as important for Liberia and the Central Bank. “When we say out of the ashes with despair, we will rise to a new day; this is what we mean, come and see the modern building standing tall as a testament.”

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