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13.09.2018 Africa People across Africa have to travel far to get to a hospital. We worked out how far 0.3 2 hours 31 min
02.09.2018 Ghana How indigenous and faith healers approach mental health in Ghana 0.1 22 hours 10 min
30.08.2018 Kenya Kenya's struggle to modernise traditional medicine is far from won 0.3 2 hours 31 min
30.08.2018 South Africa Africa: Mr Nyambi’s National Council of Provinces’ (NCOP’s) multi-party group visits four health services sites in Mangaung to inspect progress in service delivery needs 0.0 1 day 3 hours
21.08.2018 South Africa Inquiry sets out how parts of the private health care sector in South Africa can be fixed 0.0 4 days 7 hours
16.08.2018 South Africa Market concentration is plaguing South Africa's private health care market 0.2 10 hours 38 min
12.08.2018 Africa Women Group to Build Hospitals, Training Centres Across 52 African Nations 0.0 1 day 2 hours
08.08.2018 Congo - DRC Ebola returns to the DRC for the 10th time: here's what we know 0.2 21 hours 21 min
25.07.2018 South Africa Why South Africa needs to discipline the private healthcare industry 0.1 21 hours 44 min
09.07.2018 Nigeria Corruption in the Nigerian health sector has many faces. How to fix it 0.2 2 hours 32 min
05.07.2018 South Africa New healthcare plan promises to overhaul South Africa's massively skewed system 0.1 21 hours 38 min
03.07.2018 South Africa Health workers strike for safer working conditions 0.1 21 hours 40 min
01.07.2018 Uganda Uganda's new sex education framework will do more harm than good 0.5 2 hours 31 min
28.06.2018 South Africa South Africa's universal health care plan falls short of fixing an ailing system 0.1 19 hours 32 min
12.06.2018 Tanzania Research sets out key obstacles to maternal health in rural Tanzania 0.1 21 hours 39 min