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2nd Brexit vote ‘morally justified’ after ‘fantasy promises’ by leave campaigners – John Major

1 hour 46 min ago

Preview Former UK Prime Minister John Major said it is “morally justified” to hold a second Brexit referendum because of “fantasy promises” which he believes tilted the vote in favour of Leave Campaign.
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Russophobia digest: 5 top Russia scares launched by MSM this week

2 hours 21 min ago

Preview Russia has lately been accused of numerous deadly sins, as politicians and media throw around scary-sounding but unverified stories and opinions. To help you plot a course in the roiling sea of Russophobia, RT has compiled a list.
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Cameroon warns Buea businesses: Don't obey 'ghost town' calls from separatists

2 hours 34 min ago

Authorities in Buea, capital of Cameroon’s restive South West region have cautioned the general public against the “ghost town” phenomenon.

According to the Lord Mayor of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge, the body will take punitive measures against economic operators especially who respect the most recent call for a ghost town.

In a press release dated Friday June 20, 2018; the Mayor stated that Monday (June 23) remained a normal working day. A caution to persons who planned to respect a call to stay away by suspected separatists.

His release read in part: “He further informs them (businesses) to stop respecting the so-called ghost town from unknown individuals.

“Defaulters of the above Municipal Order will have their businesses sealed till further notice considering that several communiques and press conferences have been held with them to desist from this phenomenon.”

“Monday remains a normal working day in Buea….defaulters will have their business premises closed” Ekema Patrick pic.twitter.com/7C05SoRA6f— Mimi237 (@Mimimefo237) July 22, 2018

A week ago, a similar measure was observed by people of Buea who stayed away from engaging in any public activity. The move is employed by separatists who operate in the Anglophone region as a sign of control and influence.

The region – North West and South West – have been riled by violence as government forces engage in hostilities with separatists elements pushing for independence under the so-called Ambazonia republic.

Massive firework explosion causes injuries & damage at Spanish fiesta (VIDEO)

2 hours 56 min ago

Preview Some 20 people have reportedly received minor injuries after a pyrotechnic explosion interrupted celebrations at a festival in northern Spain, shattering windows and putting the area on lockdown.
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Israeli warplanes strike targets in western Syria – report

3 hours 8 min ago

Preview Israeli fighter jets have carried out an airstrike near the town of Masyaf in the province of Hama in western Syria on Sunday, state-run SANA news agency reports.
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Ethiopia intercepts about $ 10m in joint security operation

3 hours 30 min ago

Ethiopia police have in the past week seized huge cash sums and arms in different parts of the country, state affiliated FANA Broadcasting Corporate have reported.

The report quoted the police as saying they had seized close to $10 million dollars in cash. The said amount was intercepted in a multi-agency operation in and outside of the capital Addis Ababa.

According to Zeyinu Jemal, Commissioner General of the Federal Police Commission, the operation was conducted jointly with the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and Oromia regional police with support from the public.

He added that over 1,000 weapons were also seized during the operation, among others: pistols, two machine guns, and 80,000 ammunitions.

The police said they believed that the weapons were smuggled into Ethiopia via Sudan and Djibouti to create instability. “Those individuals suspected of hoarding the foreign currency are under police investigation,” the FANA report added.

The incident is not the first time that foreign currency has been intercepted by the authorities. In November 2017, custom authorities said they continued to record increasing incidence of forex smuggling especially via its main airport, Bole International Airport in the capital Addis Ababa.

Authorities reported that they had intercepted an audacious attempt to take out 4 million US dollars via the airport in 2016.

Despite showing the fastest growth in Africa for the past decade, Ethiopia – a landlocked country of 100 million people is heavily dependent on imports.

A hard currency crunch caused partly by spending on big infrastructure projects has reduced foreign currency reserves to less than one month’s worth of imports, according to analysts’ estimates. Foreign investors and local businesses say all sectors of the economy have been hit.

Abiy said in April that the government’s plans to continue expanding its infrastructure and the nascent manufacturing sector meant the currency crisis might last for 15 or 20 years.

The United Arab Emirates promised to give Addis Ababa $3 billion to ease the shortage with a foreign ministry official stating that $2 billion from Abu Dhabi would be invested in tourism, renewable energy and agriculture. The remaining was to be deposited at the central bank to ease the crippling currency shortage.

Mix of sympathy & scorn for Vettel after German crashes out of home grand prix to hand Hamilton win

4 hours 57 sec ago

Preview Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel crashed out of his home German Formula 1 Grand Prix while leading the race on Sunday, eliciting a mixture of sympathy and scorn online as British driver Lewis Hamilton claimed victory.
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Netanyahu: Trump & Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate White Helmets from Syria

4 hours 20 min ago

Preview US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Israel to evacuate the members of the controversial Western-backed White Helmets group from Syria, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed.
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Astronaut rocks synth from International Space Station during Kraftwerk gig (VIDEO)

4 hours 28 min ago

Preview Kraftwerk gave fans an out of this world music experience when they commanded the synth skills of astronaut Alexander Gerst, who banged out futuristic tunes live from the International Space Station.
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Tsar-rocket: Russia starts developing ultra-heavy Soyuz-5 launch vehicle

4 hours 39 min ago

Preview Russia has commenced work on the Soyuz-5 rocket, expected to become an ultra-heavy vehicle for future space exploration missions, Roscosmos head has announced.
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Second LeBron James mural defaced in Los Angeles (PHOTOS)

4 hours 47 min ago

Preview A second mural featuring new Los Angeles Lakers signing LeBron James has been vandalized following the player’s move to LA from the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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Russian Navy strengthened by 3 advanced warships & 49 Kalibr cruise missiles (PHOTOS)

4 hours 55 min ago

Preview Three advanced warships and 49 Kalibr cruise missiles were among the hardware added to the Russian Navy in the first six months of the year, Russia’s Defense Ministry has revealed.
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‘Trump Chicken’ blimp to be sailed around San Francisco Bay

5 hours 7 min ago

Preview In a fresh controversy involving a giant inflatable Donald Trump-themed blimp, US pranksters are taking a leaf out of the book of London protesters by sailing a 10-meter ‘Trump Chicken’ around San Francisco Bay.
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Iranian referee hounded in home country for shaking hands with woman

5 hours 13 min ago

Preview Iranian football referee Alireza Faghani has been lambasted in his home country after he was spotted hugging and shaking hands with a woman during the World Cup in Russia.
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Russia ditching US Treasuries for gold in bid to protect economy & diversify – analysts to RT

5 hours 44 min ago

Preview Russia has left the top-30 list of top lenders to the United States by radically slashing US Treasury bills ownership. RT-polled analysts have shared their opinion on the move.
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Biking Kadyrov pedals for 40 km to inspect Chechen capital Grozny (VIDEO)

5 hours 52 min ago

Preview Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya, switched his car for bicycle to check the preparations for Grozny’s upcoming 200th birthday, and said he rode 40 kilometers around “the most beautiful city in the world.”
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Over 1,200 corpses unearthed in Raqqa mass graves, US still in denial about massive casualties

5 hours 56 min ago

Preview The bodies of more than 1,200 civilians, mostly women and children, were discovered in mass graves in Raqqa, Syria. The total number of corpses still rotting there is unknown, as relatives continue searching for their loved ones.
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Some in German media are using my Turkish background as right-wing propaganda – Ozil

6 hours 12 min ago

Preview Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil has hit out at elements of the German media, accusing them of using his Turkish background and his meeting in May with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “right-wing propaganda.”
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Judo Federation suspends competitions in UAE & Tunisia over stance on Israel

6 hours 45 min ago

Preview The International Judo Federation (IJF) has suspended two events which were scheduled to take place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Tunisia due to the countries’ failure to guarantee equal treatment to Israeli competitors.
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