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18 February, 2019 - 01:43
School complex . Puos d’Alpago homu The project for a new education campus in Puos d’Alpago suggests a landscape infrastructure becoming architecture; the future school interacts with multipurpose facilities existing on site or new ones. A set of linear elements defines different open spaces and connects all the buildings on site. A continuous system of … Continue reading homu


18 February, 2019 - 01:25
Taz headquarters . Berlin e2a eckert eckert . photos: © Rasmus Norlander Taz headquarters shot by Rasmus Norlander. _

Jean Nouvel

18 February, 2019 - 01:16
Jean Nouvel
Gallo-roman Museum Vesuna . Périgueux Ateliers Jean Nouvel . photos: © Philippe Ruault . + archdaily It is perhaps the piles of amnesiac architecture in and around our cities, and the decades of accumulation which causes us to better cite the importance of lost civilizations, and of remains which are increasingly read today like true … Continue reading Jean Nouvel

Fockteyn Del Rio

18 February, 2019 - 01:03
Fockteyn Del Rio
Parterre One Restaurant . Basel FOCKTEYN DEL RIO Studio . photos: © Adrià Goula Completion of Parterre One. Parterre One Music, the redesigned concert hall completed in 2017, is now joined by Parterre One Restaurant, a new gastronomical space which honors its historic past. Situated in the center of Basel and prominently located in the … Continue reading Fockteyn Del Rio

Morse_d curve / Moon Hoon

18 February, 2019 - 01:00
© Namgoong sun © Namgoong sun
  • Architects: Moon Hoon
  • Location: 23, Tongil-ro 78 road, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Category: Commercial Architecture
  • Lead Architects: Moon Hoon, Kim, Jaekwan
  • Design Team: Park hyeongje , Moon gai, Kim hyeri, Park jeonguk
  • Area: 471.44 m2
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Namgoong sun

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Yangliu County Community Primary School and Kindergarten / gad

17 February, 2019 - 23:00
© Yi Fan, Jinrong Huang © Yi Fan, Jinrong Huang
  • Architects: gad
  • Location: no. 660 , Jiuhe road , Jianggan district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China
  • Category: Elementary & Middle school
  • Design Team East Kindergarten: Xiaoxia Wang, Lei Wang, Ling Wang
  • Design Team West Kindergarten: Xiaoxia Wang, Lei Wang, Dan Wu
  • Design Team Primary School: Xiaoxia Wang, Lei Wang, Jiyu Zhang
  • Area: 17286.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Yi Fan, Jinrong Huang

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V House / Shaun Lockyer Architects

17 February, 2019 - 21:00
© Scott Burrows © Scott Burrows

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Constructivist Cool: Moscow’s Zuev Workers’ Club

17 February, 2019 - 20:00
[ By Steve in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]

Workers of the world, relax! The Zuev Workers’ Club building in downtown Moscow was the epitome of Constructivist cool when it opened way back in 1929.

Hipster-sky Hangout

And it’s still plenty chill right now! Indeed, this well-preserved and still fully-functional relic of the Soviet Union’s heady early years would still invoke double-takes – in a good way – should an architectural clone be unveiled today.

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Glenn Murcutt to Design Sixth Edition of Melbourne's MPavilion

17 February, 2019 - 20:00
Image Courtesy of MPavilion. ImageGlenn Murcutt Image Courtesy of MPavilion. ImageGlenn Murcutt

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation has announced that the sixth edition of the MPavilion will be designed by Australian architect and Pritzker laureate architect Glenn Murcutt AO. Murcutt's announcement comes as the 2018 edition of the MPavilion, designed by Spanish architect Carme Pinos, closed after a record-breaking season that saw more than 133,000 visitors. Murcutt will be the second Australian to design a pavilion for the Melbourne-based program; Sean Godsell designed the inaugural pavilion in 2014.

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BMW Artville / G2 Architecten

17 February, 2019 - 15:00
© The Oval Office © The Oval Office

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Sources of Modern Architecture

17 February, 2019 - 15:00
Sources of Modern Architecture: A Critical Bibliography
Dennis Sharp
Granada Publishing, 1981 (Second Edition)

Hardcover | Page Size inches | # pages | # illustrations | Languages | ISBN: 0246112182 | $X.00

Publisher Description:
This unique guide to the literature of modern architecture has been completely revised, expanded and redesigned for its second edition.

The first section is devoted to books and articles on individual architects and to one or two influential critics and painters. This section is arranged alphabetically. After a brief biography each part is arranged in date order with the books and articles written
by the person appearing first; then follow the books and monographs on the individual and by other writers, and finally articles on the individual. The subject bibliography is concerned with general works on modern architecture and theory. The last section is devoted to books concerned with national trends and a selective list of magazines, related to the Modern Movement in architecture.dDAB Commentary:

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Green Roofs: How to Detail Waterproofing Using Liquid Membranes

17 February, 2019 - 14:00
House M / Plan:b arquitectos House M / Plan:b arquitectos

Green roofs are composed of a series of layers that allow vegetation to grow correctly, avoiding leaks that may cause damage to the structure of the building. Although there is a wide variety of options to build them, we're presenting a system composed of a mortar base, a layer of asphalt emulsion, two waterproof asphalt membranes, a drainage layer, and the substrate that will allow the growth of plant species.

To waterproof the areas of parapets and other 'critical' points, the system includes a liquid polyurethane membrane, which allows the entire system to be sealed. Below, you can see some application keys of the different components of a green roof, and the benefits of this liquid impermeable layer.

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Slender Strength: The Mighty Grace of the Stainless Steel AIRTable

17 February, 2019 - 12:00
© Carlos Banon © Carlos Banon

A sturdy featherweight table? Sounds... contrary to reason. But this contradiction was the very impetus for the design. Created for a research center that’s pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing using technology and science, the designers--AIRLab, in collaboration with DManD-- sought to dematerialise the typical structure of a table, creating a sense of instability with the visual counterpoint of a solid surface.

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La bouteillerie / Architecture Cotugno Thiry

17 February, 2019 - 11:00
© Johnny Umans © Johnny Umans

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7 Rejected Proposals for Sydney Opera House

17 February, 2019 - 10:00
Sydney Opera House. Image © Budget Direct via NeoMam Studios Sydney Opera House. Image © Budget Direct via NeoMam Studios

An iconic piece of architecture recognized around the world, the Sydney Opera House was designed by Jørn Utzon, following a 1956 competition that attracted 222 competition entries. Since its opening in 1973, the building has redefined the ambitions of Australia and only last September celebrated its latest milestone: turning completely carbon neutral.

The history behind the Opera House and its creation is as rich as the architecture itself. In 1956 the New South Wales Government called an open competition for the design of two performance halls, for opera and for symphony concerts, hoping to establish Sydney as a major city. Danish architect Jørn Utzon won the competition with an entry that consisted of a few simple sketches that intrigued the jury.

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Diseño de espacios en ARCO 2019: Burgos & Garrido en las áreas comunes y Mariana Leguía y Maya Ballén en la zona reservada a Perú

17 February, 2019 - 09:03

La Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, ARCO, se inaugura el próximo 27 de febrero en Ifema, Madrid,  y mostrará durante 6 días las últimas propuestas artísiticas internacionales. El estudio Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos se ha encargado en esta nueva edición de ARCO del diseño de los espacios comunes de la feria.

Memoria de la propuesta:

ARCO es un enorme espacio horizontal, muy homogéneo en su gran diversidad y que puede ser percibido como un lugar caótico y agotador. No tiene la geometría laberíntica del bazar, pero si su carácter. Hemos tratado de añadir más orden al conjunto de los stands de las galerías para hacer ese espacio más legible y confortable que otros años. Esta ha sido nuestra primera tarea. El margen del proyecto donde se instalan las galerías es pequeño. Es como un puzle en el que todas las piezas han ido encajando durante los años y en el que es no es posible hacer grandes variaciones. Se trata por ello, más bien, pequeñas alteraciones en el orden riguroso de la retícula que facilitan la orientación y los flujos.

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Gallo-roman Museum Vesuna / Jean Nouvel

17 February, 2019 - 07:00
© Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault
  • Architects: Jean Nouvel
  • Location: Parc Gamenson, 30 Rue Bacharetie, 24000 Périgueux, France
  • Category: Museum
  • Area: 6900.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2003
  • Photographs: Philippe Ruault

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Chihilsitoon Garden Project / Aga Khan Trust for Culture

17 February, 2019 - 04:00
Courtesy of Aga Khan Trust for Culture Courtesy of Aga Khan Trust for Culture
  • Architects: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
  • Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Category: Restoration
  • Lead Architects: Ajmal Maiwandi & Sekandar Seradj
  • Design Team: Farhad Alawi, Rizaq Batoor, Shahwali Ghaznawi, Ayaz Hosham, Firoz Jami, Khalid Khan, Abdullah Mahmood, Koukaba Mojadidi, Rashid Mushkan, Shahab Mushref, Naweed Nahel, Nehmat Nayab, Ikram Rahimzay, Abdullah Safi, Shaiq Sarwari, Omid Shams, Najib Stanikzay, Waris Qaimizada, (Construction) Mustafa Ahmadi, Mustafa Asghari, Shafiq Furqani, Basir Langari, Hamid Rahimi, Wahidullah Sabawoon, Tahir Shafaq, Waheed Stanikzai, Naeem Wahidi
  • Area: 10200.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Simon Norfolk / AKTC

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Pusu Hostel / JiHua Atelier

17 February, 2019 - 01:00
Loft. Image © Hongxiao Liu Loft. Image © Hongxiao Liu
  • Architects: JiHua Atelier
  • Location: Hang San Gong Lu, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi, China
  • Category: Hostel
  • Lead Architects: Huibiao Wu
  • Other Participants: Wei Luo
  • Area: 500.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Hongxiao Liu

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Goede Doelen Loterijen & Dutch Charity Lotteries Head Offices / Benthem Crouwel Architects

16 February, 2019 - 23:00
© Jannes Linders © Jannes Linders

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