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Le Splendid / BAL

6 December, 2018 - 12:00
© Fabio Semeraro © Fabio Semeraro
  • Architects: BAL
  • Location: Dax, France
  • Lead Architects: BAL/KAPZUL
  • Area: 12800.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Fabio Semeraro

Richard Rogers Wins the 2019 AIA Gold Medal

6 December, 2018 - 11:00
Centre Georges Pompidou / Richard Rogers + Renzo Piano. Image © Flickr user dalbera licensed under CC BY 2.0 Centre Georges Pompidou / Richard Rogers + Renzo Piano. Image © Flickr user dalbera licensed under CC BY 2.0

Richard Rogers has been awarded the 2019 AIA Gold Medal by the American Institute of Architects. The world-renowned architect and founding principal of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has been recognized “for his influence on the built environment [that] has redefined an architect’s responsibilities to society.”

Honoring “an individual or pair of architects whose significant body of work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture,” the AIA Gold Medal is often considered the highest honor awarded in the United States for architecture.

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Peter Kunz

6 December, 2018 - 10:56
Peter Kunz
Hofwiesenweg housing . Winterthur Peter Kunz . photos: © Claudia Luperto Three apartment buildings in Winterthur. _

House for children Gilching / Hirner and Riehl Architekten

6 December, 2018 - 10:00
© Julia Schambeck © Julia Schambeck
  • Client: Gemeinde Gilching
© Julia Schambeck © Julia Schambeck

Text description provided by the architects. On the edge of the municipality of Gilching, nestled between a grove and athletic fields on Fraunwiesenweg, the solid-wood construction of the new day-care center rose to offer four nursery as well as two Kindergarten classes.

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Premio Internacional VELUX 2018 para Estudiantes de Arquitectura

6 December, 2018 - 09:12

“Light Forms Juggler” de Anastasia Maslova proyecto ganador en la categoría ‘Luz Natural en Edificios’.

El tema general del Premio Internacional VELUX 2018 para Estudiantes de Arquitectura ha sido “Luz del mañana”, lanzado para que futuros arquitectos de todo el mundo reflexionen e investiguen sobre la luz natural en edificios y espacios.

El jurado del premio ha estado formado por Carme Pigém Barceló, Rick Joy, Li Hu, Saša Begović y Martin Pors Jepsen, y ha seleccionado a los nueve ganadores regionales después de revisar más de 600 proyectos presentados de 57 países a principios de este año.

los proyectos ganadores a nivel mundial del Premio Internacional VELUX 2018 para Estudiantes de Arquitectura han sido para las propuestas “Light Forms Juggler” de Anastasia Maslova, proyecto ganador en la categoría ‘Luz Natural en Edificios’ y “Road to Light” de Yuhan Luo, Di Lan, Yuan Liu y Yusong Liu, proyecto ganador en la categoría de Investigación sobre la Luz Natural.

La luz del sol como creador de formas

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Getting In: Admissions Advice from Architecture Programs Around the World

6 December, 2018 - 09:00
MIT. Image MIT. Image

As a follow up to A Glimpse Into the Weird World of Architecture Students' First Assignments I wanted to explore what architecture schools from around the world are looking for in creating their institution’s community of young architects.

Approximately 3,550 students enroll annually in the United States into an accredited Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) program according to the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and about 70% of that enrollment eventually graduate with a degree in architecture. There are 51 Accredited BArch programs in the United States compared to over 2,000 architecture programs worldwide. The United States has such a minimum amount of architecture schools relative to the world. An interesting fact is there are twice as many Master of Architecture programs in the U.S., but the initial quantity of student enrollment into each program is very similar.

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Social Housing in Paris / Bigoni Mortemard

6 December, 2018 - 08:00
Courtesy of Bigoni Mortemard Courtesy of Bigoni Mortemard
  • Architects: Bigoni Mortemard
  • Location: Immeuble Paris Habitat, 155bis Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris, France
  • Lead Architects: Stéphane BIGONI & Antoine MORTEMARD, architecture and landscape
  • Area: 3679.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Joachim Bakary, Jean-Marc Bichat

Carsten Nicolai

6 December, 2018 - 07:15
Carsten Nicolai
Tele . 2018 photos: Julija Stankeviciene © Carsten Nicolai und VG Bild-Kunst . + Berlinische Galerie The two mirror sculptures nearly three metres high, which resemble an Archimedean solid split in two, appear to communicate in equally eerie ways: laser beams flow back and forth between them, and as they hit the photocells they trigger … Continue reading Carsten Nicolai

Zaha Hadid Architects and A_Lab Share Designs for Norway's Fornebubanen Metro Line

6 December, 2018 - 07:00
Fornebu Senter Station East Entrance. Image © VA, Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects Fornebu Senter Station East Entrance. Image © VA, Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Architects and A_Lab have been announced the winner of a competition to design two new metro stations in Oslo. The stations, Fornebu Senter and Fornbuporten, are to be part of Oslo's new Fornebubanen line, connecting a major existing rail interchange to the Fornebu Senter, a major shopping center in the city.

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Markets: Examples in Plan and Section

6 December, 2018 - 06:00
© Fabián Dejtiar © Fabián Dejtiar

Throughout history, markets have played an essential role in the exchange of foods, books, spices, everyday items, and even ideas. From Mexican Tianguis to North African Souks, they have played an essential element in the configuration of urban spaces.

Different architects have approached this challenge, where spatial distribution plays a fundamental role in creating adequate logistics and circulation.

We've selected 20 markets and their plan and section to inspire your next project. 

Dadad Market / Bangkok Tokyo Architecture + OPH

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The Dune Cabin / Murman Arkitekter

6 December, 2018 - 05:00
son Lindman © Åke E:son Lindman son Lindman © Åke E:son Lindman

Text description provided by the architects. The building is located near Sjaustru fishing village on the east coast of Gotland. The holiday home sits among maritime forest with thin vegetation cover towards the Baltic sea and direct access to the local beach. The client had a strong vision on what they wanted to achieve as a family holiday home in Gotland and was fully engaged in the design process. A process that started 15 years ago when they bought a small beach cabin on this exclusive site.

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A Square in Summer / PROMONTORIO

6 December, 2018 - 04:00
© Francisco Nogueira © Francisco Nogueira
  • Curator: André Tavares
  • Client: CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém)
© Francisco Nogueira © Francisco Nogueira

Text description provided by the architects. To commemorate the 25 th birthday of Vittorio Gregotti’s Belem Cultural Centre, —Lisbon’s main art centre—, Promontorio Architects were invited to create an architecture installation built out of piled-up blocks of recycled cork agglomerate that also functions as an outdoor cinema during the city’s warm nights.

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Wellness Am Holand / firm architekten

6 December, 2018 - 03:00
© Adolf Bereuter © Adolf Bereuter
  • Architects: firm architekten
  • Location: 6883 Au, Austria
  • Lead Architect: Christian Feldkircher
  • Area: 300.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Adolf Bereuter
© Adolf Bereuter © Adolf Bereuter

Text description provided by the architects. The wellness area had to be doubled in size and include a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions, triumphing in an infinite outdoor pool. The area of the former spa got completely converted into a relaxation room. The aim was to create a silent space, with a spectacular view into the surrounding mountain landscape of the Austrian Alps. The floor is of rough-cut oak and the ceiling of loden textile panels.

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Saadat Abad Residential Building / Mohsen Kazemianfard - fundamental approach architects

6 December, 2018 - 02:00
© Parham Taghioff © Parham Taghioff

Publik Office in SAIGON / Sanuki Daisuke architects

6 December, 2018 - 01:00
© Hiroyuki Oki © Hiroyuki Oki
  • Architects: Sanuki Daisuke architects
  • Location: 38A Nguyễn Thị Diệu Ward 6, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Lead Architects: Sanuki Daisuke, Vu Quoc Hao
  • Area: 945.4 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki

How to Have a Healthy Lawn – Maintenance Tips

6 December, 2018 - 00:36

A lush green and healthy looking lawn adds a lot to the beauty of your house. Who doesn’t want their garden to look flawless throughout the year? Once you have designed and created the ideal yard space, the question that arises is how to keep your lawn looking its best year round. Well, there is no need to worry, you have come to the right place. In this article we will discuss some lawn maintenance tips that will help maintain the beauty of your lawn.

If you look at it carefully, lawn maintenance is not a difficult task. Although you can take of professional lawn care services. It is very simple to hire professionals, simply do a Google search. Say, if you live in Austin, type out lawn care Austin and you will get a good number of search results popping up on your screen.

Nonetheless, without further ado let us dive into the lawn maintenance tips for a healthy lawn.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn

  1. Remove Weeds and Moss

These nettlesome outgrowths can very easily destroy your lawn, they block air and nutrients from reaching the grass and therefore prevent the growth of healthy grass. So the very first step is to remove them.

Weeds in your garden can either grow as seeds or as flowers and the best option is to pull the weeds out from the roots. If there is a huge outgrowth than you might need to go for an herbicide.

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First Sight Bookstore of Pingjiang Wonder / Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design

5 December, 2018 - 23:00
The Curtain Wall Reflecting the Sunlight. Image © Jianghe Zeng The Curtain Wall Reflecting the Sunlight. Image © Jianghe Zeng
  • Architects: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design
  • Location: 777 Liansheng Rd, Gusu Dist., Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Architect In Charge: Rudan Ye, Jing Zhang, Hucheng Yuan
  • Design Team: Jinshan Chen, Tianyu Jin, Xin Wang, Peng Liu, Guangyuan Zhu
  • Area: 1800.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Jianghe Zeng

Adjaye . Arad

5 December, 2018 - 22:54
Adjaye . Arad
UK Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre . london Adjaye Associates . Ron Arad Architects Final designs for the Holocaust Memorial project. A planning application is set to be submitted in the next weeks. _

Book Briefs #40

5 December, 2018 - 22:45
"Book Briefs" are an ongoing series of posts with short first-hand descriptions of some of the numerous books that make their way into my library. These briefs are not full-blown reviews (though some might go on to get that treatment), but they are a way to share more books worthy of attention than find their way into reviews on this blog. This installment features four titles — two from Laurence King and two from Thames & Hudson – that are oriented to design and materials in education and practice.

The Architecture Concept Book by James Tait | Thames & Hudson | 2018 | Amazon / IndieBound

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House of Light & Wind / Ray Architecture Viet Nam

5 December, 2018 - 22:00
© Hoang Le © Hoang Le