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This simple sleep-hack turned my life around

16 July, 2018 - 21:24

Light and lack of light both help us to get a good night’s sleep. I had trouble staying asleep as car headlights would disturb me and my partner worked late and lights were left on. So my sleep hack was this.

I bought a sleep mask.

Sounds so simple but along with a few little tweaks to my days and I was having the best night’s sleep I had had in years.

Light exposure

How we are exposed to light both during the day and at night can affect how well we sleep. Absence of light tells our brain it is time to sleep and exposure to light at the wrong times influences how well we sleep.

Exposure to bright lights after dark suppress the sleep hormone melatonin. This hormone tells our brain to rest, our bodies to relax and for us to fall asleep. Levels of this sleep hormone slowly rise in early evenings and keep rising til the early hours of the morning and then start to decrease for us to wake up.

Artificial light in our homes and from our phones and digital devices interferes with melatonin production. So while my sleep mask stops lights from waking me up I needed to alter my evening routine as well.

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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

16 July, 2018 - 21:10

When it comes to your home’s resale value, it can be difficult sometimes to fully boost it. If your home tends to have major problems, like leaks, it can lower the resale value significantly. Because of this, it’s often recommended that you make some changes to your home to help the value of it go up.

There are many ways one can do so, although sometimes they can be a little tedious. This can end up making many homeowners overwhelmed with the process. When overwhelmed, many then completely forgo doing anything new to their home. If you’re looking for some ways to help increase your home’s value, keep reading. This article will explore six easy ways you can do so.

Use the Services of a Home Advisor

A home advisor specializes in checking your home and informing you of some things that you could fix. This will in return boost the value of your home on the market.

Paint Your Rooms

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Casper offers rentable nap rooms in the city that never sleeps

16 July, 2018 - 21:00

The Dreamery by Casper

Mattress startup Casper has opened a space for New Yorkers to relax and refresh, and even sleep for a short while in tubular wooden pods. Read more

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Cascading Courts / HYLA Architects

16 July, 2018 - 21:00
© Derek Swalwell © Derek Swalwell
  • Architects: HYLA Architects
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Lead Architects: Han Loke Kwang
  • Project Team: Navin Rungsmai, Amanda Goh, Thomas Ong
  • Area: 568.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Derek Swalwell

Rendering Trends: Decoding Tired Tropes of Flashy Architectural Graphics

16 July, 2018 - 19:00
[ By SA Rogers in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

Look at architectural renderings on a regular basis and soon you’ll start to spot stylized elements that pop up often enough to be called cliches, every one of them inserted into the image for a specific purpose. It’s all about selling the viewer on the concept, consciously and subconsciously, like any other form of marketing. The point of architectural renderings is typically to convince the client, the investors and the public at large that the project (and, specifically, the architect’s vision) deserves funding and support. They make it possible to envision what it will look like before ground is broken, not just visually but emotionally.

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Crescent Park | New Orleans, USA | Eskew+Dumez+Ripple with Hargreaves Associates

16 July, 2018 - 19:00

Part of a larger master plan that envisions a new, greener future for the City of New Orleans and its riverfront, Crescent Park was designed to reconnect people with the river and transform the remnants of the city’s industrial and maritime past into a verdant, accessible, community asset.

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Bedford Park House / Mehdi Marzyari Architects

16 July, 2018 - 19:00
© Sam Javanrouh, Mehdi Marzyari © Sam Javanrouh, Mehdi Marzyari

Aires Mateus

16 July, 2018 - 18:23
Aires Mateus
House Complex in Quinta do Bom Sucesso . ÓBIDOS Aires Mateus . photos: © Aires Mateus . + divisare The project involves the construction of a set of different proportion walls that delimit spaces. Walls which define spaces and create different ranges of privacy. Gardens, courtyards, transformed into interior spaces by the juxtaposition of landscaped … Continue reading Aires Mateus

El Muelle

16 July, 2018 - 18:04
El Muelle
Guests Pavilion . Marbella Taller de Arquitectura el Muelle . photos: © Fernando Alda We like to see architecture as a living organism, capable of mutating and transforming itself, of growing and reorganizing itself in order to match the different periods of time when it functions in the service of society. Our project starts with … Continue reading El Muelle

Shigeru Ban Creates Temporary Shelter System for Japanese Flooding Victims

16 July, 2018 - 18:00
Courtesy of Voluntary Architects' Network Courtesy of Voluntary Architects' Network

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban has mobilized his Voluntary Architects’ Network (VAN) to aid victims of recent devastating floods in Southern Japan. At least 210 people have been killed by flooding and landslides which occurred last week, with a continuing heatwave further hampering recovery efforts. 

Ban, along with members of the VAN and student volunteers, is constructing a partition system in evacuation centers made from paper tubes and cloth curtains. The temporary structures intend to offer privacy for flooding victims, forming a modular unit of 2 meters by 2 meters.

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Why Seattle’s New Early Community Outreach Requirement Will Actually Damage the City

16 July, 2018 - 17:56

Seattle, like many large cities, has a required Design Review process for most large-scale commercial, multifamily and mixed-use projects. This program is run by the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) and the size thresholds for this program vary by zone and project type. For instance, Design Review is required for a townhouse project in a Low Rise (LR) zone with more than 8 dwelling units. Similarly, Design Review is also required for an apartment building in a Midrise (MR) zone with more than 20 units.

According to the SDCI, there are three principle objectives of this Design Review process:
1. To encourage excellence in site planning and design of projects such that they enhance the character of the City.
2. To provide flexibility in the application of development standards.
3. To improve communication and participation among developers, neighbors and the City early in the process.

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View House / Barbara Becker Atelier de Arquitetura

16 July, 2018 - 17:00
© Estudiograma © Estudiograma
  • Architect: Barbara Becker Atelier de Arquitetura
  • Location: Pato Branco, Brazil
  • Constructor: Charrua Construções LTDA
  • Engineering: Charrua Construções LTDA e Giga Eletro Instaladora Ltda
  • Furniture: Roda Moinho
  • Area: 326.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photography: Estudiograma
© Estudiograma © Estudiograma

Text description provided by the architects. The house allowed certain flexibility in the project because it had clients that are entering a new fase in life, with a different focus then families that are just starting. With their children already grown up, their priorities are meeting with friends and pleasures in life that many search just after a mature age.

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Archizinc Trophy 2018

16 July, 2018 - 16:47

Se ha fallado la octava edición del concurso organizado por la empresa VMZinc. El jurado, presidido por el arquitecto Paul Finch, director del World Architecture Festival y de las publicaciones Architectural Review y Architect’s Journal, tuvo como criterios principales a la hora de emitir su voto, la calidad arquitectónica, la innovación en las aplicaciones del zinc y el respeto por el medioambiente.

El premio se divide en 4 categorías y tres premios especiales. Los proyectos premiados fueron:

Categoría Vivienda Unifamiliar:

-Maison Marceau en Le Bouscat, Francia de Majolica Atelier d’Architecture – Marie-Alice Casagrande.

Fotos: Philippe Caumes para Majolica

Categoría Vivienda Colectiva:

-8 apartamentos sociales y zona comercial en París del estudio Vazistas con Fay Architecte.

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Fentress Architects Chosen to Design USA Pavilion for World Expo 2020 in Dubai

16 July, 2018 - 16:00
Pictured here, the masterplan for the World Expo 2020 Dubai designed by HOK. Image via HOK Pictured here, the masterplan for the World Expo 2020 Dubai designed by HOK. Image via HOK

Fentress Architects has been chosen to design the USA Pavilion for the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The Pavilion USA 2020 will sit within the 438-hectare masterplan designed by HOK, pictured above.

The U.S. Department of State selected the consortium containing Fentress Architects, led by Big Things Group, to deliver a pavilion based on the theme “What Moves You,” featuring highlights of American culture and technology. The team will seek to use the program as “a showcase of the innovation, creativity, and diversity that defines the United States.” 

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Straight River Northbound Safety Rest Area / Snow Kreilich Architects

16 July, 2018 - 15:00
© Corey Gaffer © Corey Gaffer
  • Mbj: Structural Engineer
  • Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection: Stantec
  • Landscape: Coen+Partners
  • Noise Analysis: HZ United
  • Geothermal: Braun
  • General Contractor: The Joseph Company
  • Earthwork: Heselton Construction
  • Concrete: Evenson Concrete Systems
  • Metal Panel: MG McGrath
  • Ceramic Tile : Twin City Tile and Marble Company-Rochester
  • Storefront And Doors: Ford Metro, Inc.
  • Custom Fritted Glass: Viracon
  • Site Furniture: Wausau

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