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Christian Kerez

2 hours 28 min ago
Christian Kerez
EWZ Power Plant . ZÜRICH Christian Kerez . + divisare The electrical power supply company (EWZ), maintains a plot of land in one of the most complex and important urban areas of Zurich. The area had previously functioned as an industrial zone, and is characterized by its haphazard, yet vital, arrangement of warehouses, electrical lines, … Continue reading Christian Kerez

Seymourpowell's Mespoke concept uses AI to decide your skincare routine

3 hours 6 min ago

UK studio Seymourpowell has designed a concept for a cosmetics service that would curate the perfect products based on artificial intelligence and user data. Read more

Hidden Architectural Gems to Visit this Summer

7 hours 41 min ago
Rachid Karameh Exhibition. Image © Anthony Saroufim Rachid Karameh Exhibition. Image © Anthony Saroufim

Summer. Vacation. Two magic words that will certainly ease all the pain and exhaustion of working/studying full-time. Now that it is that time of year, most people are busy planning their travel itineraries. Whether it’s a city trip to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, or a journey to walk on China’s Great Wall, the majority of travelers will choose to cross iconic landmarks off their bucket lists. However, there is a lot more to London than the London Bridge and Buckingham Palace, and there is a lot more to Barcelona than Gaudí. There are, in fact, hundreds of underrated, exquisite structures that go unnoticed.

If you are planning a getaway soon, here is a list of hidden architectural gems that are worth the visit.

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Cities are the one of the drivers of economic growth in the Commonwealth

7 hours 53 min ago

Representatives from the Prince’s Foundation, the Commonwealth Association of Architects, the Commonwealth Association of Planners, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum  met with The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth at Marlborough House yesterday to discuss the opportunity provided by urbanisation to help deliver the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. They also discussed the challenges posed by rapid urbanisation, the need to build capacity, strengthen built environment policy and develop toolkits which are of practical use by communities and city leaders throughout the Commonwealth. The Secretary-General recognised that ‘Cities are one of  the drivers of economic  growth’ and offered her support to drive forward the cities agenda.


Spotlight: Álvaro Siza

8 hours 11 min ago
The Building on the Water. Image © Fernando Guerra |  FG+SG The Building on the Water. Image © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

One of the most highly regarded architects of his generation, Portugese architect Álvaro Siza (born 25 June 1933) is known for his sculptural works that have been described as "poetic modernism." When he was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1992, Siza was credited as being a successor of early modernists: the jury citation describes how "his shapes, molded by light, have a deceptive simplicity about them; they are honest."

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Portushome Guesthouse / Barna Architects

8 hours 41 min ago
© Tamás Bata © Tamás Bata
  • Architects: Barna Architects
  • Location: Dörgicse, Hungary
  • Lead Architects: Barna D. Kovács
  • Area: 90.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Tamás Bata

Álvaro Siza

9 hours 26 min ago
Álvaro Siza
Católica University Building . Oporto Álvaro Siza Vieira . + Universidade Católica Portuguesa Universidade Católica by Siza wins the João Almada Prize 2017. _

"Mind-Building": The Finnish Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale

9 hours 41 min ago
© Alexander Mayes and Archinfo Finland © Alexander Mayes and Archinfo Finland

As part of our 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale coverage, we present the completed Finnish Pavilion. To read the initial proposal, refer to our previously published post, "Finnish Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale to Examine the Future of Libraries."

Conceived by Commissioner Hanna Harris, Director of Archinfo Finland, and Curator Dr Anni Vartola, the Finnish Pavilion presents Mind-Building at the 2018 Venice Biennale, an exhibition that explores the importance of the public library in Finnish culture. With exhibition design by Tuomas Siitonen and graphic design by Johannes Nieminen, it showcases Finnish libraries through a thematic selection of architectural designs, objects and specially commissioned sound and video work.

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Regional House Edeghem / BC architects

10 hours 41 min ago
Courtesy of BC architects Courtesy of BC architects
  • Architects: BC architects
  • Location: 2650 Edegem, Belgium
  • Area: 350.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Cooperation: Stramien landscape
  • Client: Edegem
Courtesy of Thomas Noceto Courtesy of Thomas Noceto

Text description provided by the architects. This project is framed within a wider masterplan for the Fort V site, aiming to strengthen the current function of public park. The 'bioclass' is known to locals, but needs a new infrastructure. It is conceived as a new reception centre for education of nature and ecology for the region.

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Casa K / Alessandro Bulletti Architetti

11 hours 41 min ago
Courtesy of Alessandro Bulletti Courtesy of Alessandro Bulletti

Spotlight: Antoni Gaudí

12 hours 41 min ago
La Sagrada Familia's passion facade. Image © Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada  Família La Sagrada Familia's passion facade. Image © Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Família

When Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (25 June 1852 – 10 June 1926) graduated from the Barcelona Architecture School in 1878, the director of the school Elies Rogent reportedly declared: "Gentlemen, we are here today either in the presence of a genius or a madman!" [1] Well over a century later, this tension is still evident in Gaudí's work; though he is widely regarded as a genius architect, his distinctive style stands as a singularity in architectural history—simultaneously awe-inspiring and bizarre, never fitting into any stylistic movement, and never adapted or emulated, except by those still working to complete his magnum opus, Barcelona's famous Sagrada Família.

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Shangqiu Museum / Atelier Li Xinggang

13 hours 41 min ago
South East Aerial View. Image © Zhi Xia South East Aerial View. Image © Zhi Xia


14 hours 3 min ago
taz . berlin Una publicación compartida por E2A (@e2a_book) el 18 de Jun de 2018 a las 5:39 PDT e2a Taz Update. _ Una publicación compartida por E2A (@e2a_book) el 18 de Jun de 2018 a las 5:40 PDT Una publicación compartida por E2A (@e2a_book) el 18 de Jun de 2018 a las 5:37 PDT

Tony Fretton

14 hours 23 min ago
Tony Fretton
LE PALACE hotel . Brussels Tony Fretton Architects PANDOX AB is a Swedish company that specialises in the hotel sector and is the owner of Crowne Plaza Brussels – Le Palace, located in Place Rogier. They want to expand the hotel onto the adjacent plot, which has been empty for years and features high blind … Continue reading Tony Fretton

Tirado Arquitectos

14 hours 45 min ago
Tirado Arquitectos
AYSÉN STATE MUSEUM . Coyhaique Tirado Arquitectos . + dezeen Inspired by the shearing sheds and the houses of pioneers who colonized the Chilean Patagonia, the new museum that will house the largest exhibition of the museum, is developed as a monolithic and tight volume, based on a conceptual reconstruction of successive “Gable-roof” houses that … Continue reading Tirado Arquitectos

Verve Achitekten

15 hours 2 min ago
Verve Achitekten
Champagne school temporary extension . Biel Verve Achitekten . photos: © Fotostudio ph7 Stefan Hofmann . + WBW Ein Schulraumprovisorium in Holz-Modulbauweise. Es ist vorgesehen, dass dieses nur 8 Jahre an diesem Standort genutzt wird. Anschliessend sollen die 36 Module inkl. den Schraubfundamenten rückstandslos entfernt und an einem anderen Ort wieder aufgebaut werden. Die Aufgabe … Continue reading Verve Achitekten

Bala Baya by Missana reference projects | Manufacturer references

15 hours 41 min ago

Bala Baya is a very special restaurant in the heart of London. It´s inspired in Tel Aviv and has different spaces, a restaurant, a Pitta Kiosk, a very special bakery and a cocktail bar. And the best part of it is that the owners of such a cool place and the designers have counted on our Trampolín bar stools and chair, designeds by Cuatro Cuatros, for its decoration. Thank you guys, we love love love it! Cuatro Cuatros continue