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Ecuador likely to turn Assange over to US – ex-president Correa to RT

Ozmic World News ® - 4 hours 3 min ago

Preview The Ecuadorian government might eventually hand the Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange to Washington even though it is legally obliged to protect him, former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa told RT.
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Trump threatens to cut federal aid to California over ‘lousy management’ of water & wildfires

Ozmic World News ® - 4 hours 28 min ago

Preview US President Donald Trump is taking California to task for the management of its forests and dams, blaming red tape for the devastating forest fires and drought plaguing the bluest of blue states, and threatening to withhold aid.
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Trump agrees with Obama ‘100%’ – on immigration (VIDEO)

Ozmic World News ® - 5 hours 36 min ago

Preview Agreeing with Barack Obama is not something you'd expect out of US President Donald Trump, especially not on immigration. Yet that's exactly where Trump is '100 percent' behind the words of Obama – a 2005 Obama, that is.
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Hitler was BETTER than Trump, ex-Reagan & Bush official hints in a tweet

Ozmic World News ® - 6 hours 3 min ago

Preview Trump’s liberal critics have compared him to Hitler since before the election, but a former Bush Sr. aide took a step further off a rhetorical cliff, tweeting several ways the Nazi leader compares favorably to Trump.
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WWII plane crashes on California freeway, pilot unharmed (PHOTOS, VIDEO

Ozmic World News ® - 6 hours 19 min ago

Preview A single-engine WWII-era vintage plane has crashed into the divide of 101 freeway in Agoura Hills, California and caught fire. The pilot was taken from the burning wreckage, reportedly uninjured.
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archiWEB 3.0 - 6 hours 57 min ago
TAZ . Berlin E2A eckert eckert architekten . + bauwelt Welt and Bauwelt release some images of TAZ almost completed. The building was inaugurated this last weekend . _ Embed from Getty Images·       Ver esta publicación en Instagram   Una publicación compartida por E2A (@e2a_book) el 19 de Oct de 2018 a … Continue reading E2A

Zambia cancels national maths exams after leakage of questions

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 23:45

The Ministry of General Education in Zambia announced the cancellation of a mathematics examination after reports that the questions had leaked and were being zipped around on social media.

Dora Siliya, Information Minister and government spokesperson confirmd via Twitter that the Grade 9 mathematics paper 2 had been postponed indefinitely.

She added that investigations had been opened to ascertain how the questions were leaked before the day of the exams.

“The Education Minister announced today in Parliament that Grade 9 mathematics paper 2 examination has been postponed till further notice due to leakage of the same, circulating online. Investigations have since been instituted,” her tweet read.

Reports in local media said the ministry had received notification on Monday evening that the yet to be written paper had been posted online.

The Zambia News 24 adds that other papers had been suspended for the same reasons, Grade seven and 12 examinations.

It added that relevant authorities informed the presidency and after checks it was verified that the circulating material was indeed the paper slated to have been taken on Tuesday, October 23.

Minister of General Education David Mabumba whiles confirming the cancellation reiterated that a probe will be held and that all persons involved will be brought to book regardless of the methods that they used in the act.

The Examination Council of Zambia, ECZ, was allowed to nullify the leaked Mathematics paper in accordance with the ECZ Act Chapter 137 of the Laws of Zambia, the Minister added.

Examinations have been at the heart of internet outages in some African countries among others Algeria and Ethiopia, the reason has been to curtail incidence of cheating. Elsewhere the outages have been for political and national security reasons especially during elections.

21 Saudis to lose US visas over Khashoggi murder, Saudi Arabia still an important ally – Pompeo

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 23:40

Preview The US will punish those responsible for killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi by revoking visas and possibly imposing Global Magnitsky Act sanctions, but Saudi Arabia remains an important ally, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
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Kenya: Tax exemptions hurt state revenue

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 23:18

Kenya has lost nearly $ 2.7 billion over the last three years, due to the government’s tax-free policy. This is according John Njiraini, Commissioner General of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

According to the official, relayed by Bloomberg, between $840 and $890 million escape the coffers of the state every year.

This situation is attributable to the government’s policy of tax relief, which has seen the introduction of a VAT exemption for projects financed by international donors. This came as part of a reform strategy put in place to change the 2013 VAT Law, which significantly reduced the number of zero-rated and tax-exempt products.

This statement came just days after the World Bank raised concerns about the country’s declining share of tax revenues relative to its gross domestic product (GDP). According to IMF estimates, this ratio, which reached more than 18% in 2014, fell to less than 16% this year.

Tunisian government undertakes to raise salaries of civil servants

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 23:07

The Tunisian government reached an agreement with the powerful trade union center, General Union of Tunisian Workers UGTT, which threatened to start a series of strikes from October 24th.

In exchange for lifting the proposed strike, the Youssef Chahed government pledges to increase the salaries of civil servants, which may provoke the disapproval of the IMF, which has been worried for years about the weight of the wage bill.

The Tunisian government seems to have made against bad luck, as the salary increase was not provided for in the 2019 finance bill.

While the union center was planning to call a general strike in the public service on Wednesday, October 24, negotiations with the government led to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties.

At the end of the agreement, signed on Monday, the government undertakes to revalue the salaries of employees of the public sector and in return, the UGTT has decided to lift its strike.

According to the details given by the trade union center, at the end of the meeting of its administrative commission of Sunday, October 21, salary increases will be spread over three years will be between 62 and 76 euros according to the different professional categories.

I did it my way: Barack Obama gives self-referential speech in Nevada

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 23:04

Preview After President Trump delivered a fiery rally to supporters in Nevada on Saturday, former President Barack Obama addressed a smaller crowd nearby. During his more muted speech, Obama referred to himself no fewer than 92 times.

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Serenity in the City / PENY HSIEH INTERIORS

archiWEB 3.0 - 23 October, 2018 - 23:00
© Hey!Cheese © Hey!Cheese
  • Interiors Designers: PENY HSIEH INTERIORS
  • Location: Section 2, Ren'ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area: 310.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Hey!Cheese
© Hey!Cheese © Hey!Cheese

Text description provided by the architects. A serene view from the top of the house strengthens the busyness of the city. All come into view. A great contrast and comparison are formed between the busyness of city and serenity of the room; they are conflicted yet connected at the same time. It’s a life style, a beautiful balance between fast and slow, move and still, busy and leisure in our life. It’s an attitude for our life, and a beginning of design.

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Crown Prince Salman nearly crushed by selfie-hungry Saudi forum guests (VIDEO)

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 22:46

Preview Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has been forced to escape a room full of attendees at his own investment forum as he was overrun by people hoping to get a picture with him.
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Khabib dictates the terms, Mayweather will fight in Moscow – Russian boxing chief (VIDEO)

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 22:46

Preview Khabib Nurmagomedov is a bigger draw than Floyd Mayweather and will dictate the terms of the pair’s potential megafight, which will take place in Moscow in front of 100,000 fans, according to Russia’s boxing chief.
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Ethiopian migrants die in Tanzania waters en route to South Africa

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 22:40

Seven Ethiopian migrants drowned after a boat carrying 13 people capsized off the coast of Tanzania while en route to South Africa, Tanzanian police said on Tuesday.

Tanga Regional Police Commander Edward Bukombe said the boat went down early on Monday off East Africa’s Indian Ocean near Tanzania’s maritime border with Kenya.

“Of the people onboard, 12 were Ethiopians and another person, who was the boat captain, (his) nationality has not been identified because he is still missing. Seven people died in the accident and five have been rescued,” Bukombe told Reuters.

He said they were still searching for the missing person.

Bukombe said Tanzania’s immigration service was in touch with the Ethiopian Embassy to arrange proper burial arrangements for the dead and decide on how to deal with those rescued at sea. “After questioning the survivors told us that they were going to South Africa,” he said.

Bukombe added that investigators had yet to identify those who had organised and financed the trip, saying the missing captain could have helped much more with the investigation.

He said it was not unusual for Tanzanian police to intercept and detain Ethiopian migrants on their way to South Africa, the continent’s largest and most developed economy, though migration was more common overland than by sea.


You've been identified! NYT gushes over mystery US op to stop Russian meddling

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 22:17

Preview With November’s midterm elections drawing nearer, the Gray Lady has reassured Americans that US Cyber Command has contacted individual “Russian operatives,” to personally warn them against any meddling attempts.
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Baradari / Studio Lotus

archiWEB 3.0 - 23 October, 2018 - 22:00
© Edmund Sumner © Edmund Sumner
  • Architects: Studio Lotus
  • Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  • Design Team: Ambrish Arora, Arun Kullu, Priya Jindal, Sanjay Kumar
  • Area: 14000.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Edmund Sumner
© Edmund Sumner © Edmund Sumner

Text description provided by the architects. The Baradari at City Palace Jaipur in Rajasthan cites an insightful example of how design brings inherent value to a place where conventions on conservation and adaptive re-use are looked at through a fresh lens.

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Mendes da Rocha

archiWEB 3.0 - 23 October, 2018 - 21:54
Mendes da Rocha
entrevistado por TOM C. AVENDAÑO - ¿Es usted un optimista? - Es imposible saberlo. foto: © RUY TEIXEIRA . + entrevista completa en El País

Rome escalator collapse: Dozens of Russian CSKA Moscow fans injured, one 'loses leg' (VIDEO)

Ozmic World News ® - 23 October, 2018 - 21:26

Preview At least 30 people were injured after a packed metro escalator sped up with commuters falling down in a melee. Many Russian football fans are among the victims, with one losing his leg.
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