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Date Country News Item
18.11.18 South Africa Saldanha Bay clinic burnt as community anger boils over
16.11.18 South Africa Vredenburg closed off as protesters demand better living conditions
16.11.18 South Africa Billions spent on railway contracts. Yet Metrorail collapses
14.11.18 South Africa 32 Battalion veterans left in limbo in forgotten military town
13.11.18 South Africa Why giving South Africans title deeds isn't the panacea for land reform
13.11.18 South Africa Life in South Africa's economic hub is improving -- but big challenges remain
12.11.18 South Africa Equal Education calls on Ramaphosa to get involved in fixing schools
09.11.18 South Africa Simon’s Town shack dwellers’ long wait for housing
09.11.18 South Africa Design trends for 2019
08.11.18 South Africa A view of Johannesburg through lenses from a different era
07.11.18 South Africa Why did the City of Cape Town delay social housing in Salt River?
07.11.18 South Africa Shack dwellers evicted from Langa for N2 Gateway project
07.11.18 South Africa “We are only good for votes” say Cato Crest families
05.11.18 South Africa William Kentridge: the barbarity of the 'Great War' told through an African lens
04.11.18 Africa Why hipsters could be seen as modern-day colonisers
02.11.18 South Africa School has 196 learners and ten grades but only four classrooms
02.11.18 South Africa Why it takes so long for schools to be built
30.10.18 Africa Africa's roads are badly built, and there aren't enough. This can be fixed
30.10.18 South Africa Historical Speakers Corner restored
29.10.18 Rwanda A look back in history provides fresh insights into Rwanda today
29.10.18 South Africa The PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative Winners
28.10.18 Ghana Ghana must move from coping with floods, to adapting for them
27.10.18 South Africa Over 800 people homeless after Vrygrond fire
26.10.18 South Africa “I fell into a pit of mud and human waste”
25.10.18 South Africa Council delays its decision on social housing project
25.10.18 South Africa Rubbish uncollected for months in Port Elizabeth
24.10.18 South Africa R162-million housing project incomplete after over a decade
24.10.18 South Africa Joburg’s Golden Highway barricaded in housing protest
23.10.18 Africa African cities can raise more money. Kenya and South Africa offer useful lessons
22.10.18 South Africa Democratising Housing & Urban Development in the Johannesburg inner city : 71 Properties Investor Site Visits
22.10.18 South Africa Cancer causing toxicants found in a tributary of South Africa's second largest river
22.10.18 South Africa Heartbreaking stories after massive Khayelitsha blaze
21.10.18 Kenya Nairobi's slum residents pay a high price for low quality services
19.10.18 South Africa Day care centre rebuilt after fire - for the fifth time
18.10.18 South Africa Mayhem in Witsand over building of community hall
18.10.18 South Africa Stutterheim protesters burn municipal offices and clinic over lack of jobs
17.10.18 South Africa Village school has three teachers and three pit toilets for 116 learners
16.10.18 Kenya Kenya is planning to privatise prisons: why it's risky and needs careful planning
15.10.18 Kenya Education is key to avoiding demolition in Kenya say authorities ahead of the Big 5 Construct East Africa Exhibition
15.10.18 South Africa Informal economies are diverse: South African policies need to recognise this