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1 hour 51 minutes ago
© Manuel Sá © Manuel Sá
  • architects: TRPC Arquitetos
  • Location: Rua das Hortênsias, 288 - Pituba, Salvador - BA, 41810-010, Brazil
  • Area: 140.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Manuel Sá

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1 hour 51 minutes ago

Perth storage solutions are possibly among the most useful facilities to help people when they are going through changes in their life. But not everything is suitable for storage.

here is a handy guide of what people can store in a storage unit with minimal preparation:

Electronic equipment

These can be kept in climate-controlled storage units. We mention climate control because extreme temperatures – cold and hot – can damage the internal and external structures of electronic equipment rendering it useless. In addition, any moisture derived from the air can corrode and rust metal and other pieces of equipment.


Clothes and other apparel should be placed inside plastic bags or sealed boxes before they are stored inside a self-storage unit. If possible it’s always a good idea to opt for climate-controlled units with interior storage to stop fabrics rotting or becoming tarnished.


It is always advisable to store furniture in climate-controlled environments to avoid any damage from humidity. It is also recommended that furniture is off the ground for enhanced ventilation and improved 0airflow. Most furniture is either made from or contains wooden parts so it is much more susceptible to damage caused by the elements, particularly extreme temperatures.


When storing books for any length of time, climate-controlled interior units are best because they will prevent any mold from forming, which would destroy the books.

Canned Food

Although it’s rare to be allowed to keep any food in self-storage, because of the risk of vermin infestation, exceptions can be made for sealed drinks like bottled water, wine, and beer. The exception can also be applied to any canned goods that are no-perishable.

There are items that should never be kept in self-storage units. This is often because they’re either hazardous or forbidden or hazardous. They include:

Drugs and Stolen Goods

There is a high risk of being busted if anyone tries to keep a grow-room inside any storage units. It is also illegal to keep items that have been stolen inside a self-storage unit too.  


The huge risk of contamination means that treating a self-storage unit as a private landfill site is strictly prohibited.


Some facilities do allow registered firearms to be stored in their facilities but check because others apply very strict rules against it.

Flammable, Hazardous and Explosive Materials

Anything that carries the risk of causing fires or explosions is forbidden.


It is illegal and inhumane to keep pets alone in dark, cold rooms.


Plants are prohibited due to the fact they can rot and attract undesirable insects.

Human Beings

It may be possible to use a unit as a workshop or office, it is illegal to use storage units as a live-in residence.

Adding Space to Your Home

Self-storage is an excellent way of helping you turn a marginal area in your home into a more livable space.

If you have a basement you would like to turn into a rec room, or a home theatre or office,  or you would like your loft to become a spare bedroom, self-storage is a good way of helping you declutter your belongings.

1 hour ago

No matter how good you are at writing assignments, there will come a time when you will be asked to write an assignment that you are not familiar with. If you’ve never written before, this whole process seems very long and very confusing. However, one way to quickly find out what you need to work on and how you need to write in a specific way is to seek out and find an assignment written guide. However, it can give you more than a bargain, as in the last search on Google; there were two and a half million results that you could choose from. If you keep in mind the three basic points, of course this can be made quite easy. It is fact we have lots of ways for completing the assignments but when I use to do my assignment for me then I hire services from here.

Guide to writing excellent assignments

The first clue to consider when looking for a guide to writing an assignment is to make sure that whatever you choose is from recognized universities. Although the Internet and the World Wide Web are a very easy and popular way to publish yourself, you need to make sure that the leader you choose is from a recognized organization. This is important because you do not want to start writing assignments based on incorrect or outdated information.

Style of assignment writing

Another point to consider is that you need to make sure that you choose the right leader for the assignment you are writing. In this case, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” As you know, assignments, research, commentary, and similar assignments have different styles. And each style has its own requirements in terms of writing and so on. This is how you choose a guide that closely mirrors your thesis.

Follow the assignment writing recommendations always

One last thing to consider is that no matter what guidance you receive, it is important to make sure that you use the guide not only for the specific course but also your specific college rules. Keep the rules in mind as well. Of course, the other option is to go the old-fashioned way and talk to your professor and see what he recommends in the printed guide. In addition, he can recommend a more general guide. 

Academic writing solutions

Assignment writing is an integral part of the academic life. Writing an assignment demands some skills from the author. The term ‘assignment writing’ is now more widely used in the academic context, while assignments in the non-academic world are written by well-known and up-and-coming writers. Writing assignments is a valuable tool for monitoring the proper organization of ideas, good words, well-reasoned reasoning and coordination of ideas.

Writing assignment is a term of focus on headings

At the educational level, thorough knowledge of the main sources available for assignment writing is required. It is ideal to develop such a system of notation and caution, citing secondary sources. Another important factor to note when writing an assignment is to focus on the keyword, that is, to analyze, discuss, compare and contrast with someone, to criticize, to praise, to discuss. , Be asked to examine, evaluate or describe.

1 hour ago

Those building a new home or renovating their current home may want to look into the 2020 kitchen trends to get a better idea of what’s new, what’s becoming more popular, and what’s going to be a good option for them. Many of the trends for the upcoming year are focused on easier cleaning, improved organization, and a better look for the kitchen, so they’re excellent options no matter what style the homeowner might prefer.

Kitchens that are More Open to Other Rooms

A look into a Kitchen Remodel Showroom shows that kitchens are continuing to be more open to other rooms in the home. Instead of being cut off and hidden from view, homeowners are removing walls or opening up spaces in the walls to create a far more open kitchen. Architectural designs can help show where the kitchen ends and another room begins, but they’re typically designed to allow as much light to flow through the rooms and to keep the open feel for the kitchen.

Customized Storage Solutions

Inside drawers and cabinets, customized storage solutions are definitely trending. Instead of just having drawers that are all the same size and shape, homeowners are adding built-in storage containers. A plain drawer, therefore, may become the perfect place to store spices or may have storage that makes it easier to organize the small utensils used most frequently in the kitchen. Pull-out cabinets are still trending, and many will include custom storage options for pots and pans or other items that need to be stored when not in use.

Improved Technology in Faucets

Faucets are getting an upgrade as well. Many homeowners are opting for faucets that automatically turn on using sensors. These faucets make it possible to clean hands without having to touch the faucet, which means it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often and the rest of the kitchen can stay cleaner. Larger sinks are also trending, offering homeowners the option of more space to use whether they’re prepping food or cleaning off their plates.

Eat-In Kitchen Spaces

Kitchen islands have been trending for a while now, and this isn’t going to be changing any time soon. Over the next year, the trend is to focus on adding in eating spaces in the kitchen. Some kitchens may have a nook where a table and a couple of chairs can be placed. Others will have an overhang on the kitchen island with stools so it’s easy to sit in the kitchen and enjoy a meal.

Low-Maintenance Wood-Look Flooring

Kitchen flooring is trending back to wood, but homeowners are looking for easier maintenance. They don’t want to have to worry about the wood being damaged by anything that spills in the kitchen. Instead, wood-look tiles are definitely the top option today. These tiles give the look of hardwood floors, but they’re made from vinyl. They won’t be damaged by spills in the kitchen, so they can keep looking great for as long as possible.

If you’re building a new home or renovating your current home, pay attention to some of the latest kitchen trends so you can incorporate them into your design. Check out some of the options for new flooring, faucets, storage, and more to see what’s going to fit with your overall idea for the kitchen and what’s going to look fantastic once it’s installed.

4 hours 52 minutes ago
street facade. Image © Martijn de Geus street facade. Image © Martijn de Geus
  • architects: maison h
  • Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Martijn de Geus

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