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The film festival will anchor a week of associated cultural events and exhibitions in each city, which will be organised and promoted in close collaboration with the South African Institute of Architects, several Provincial Institutes, participating Schools of Architecture, Academics and Practitioners.

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The Architect Africa Film Festival is an opportunity to enjoy some of the finest films featuring architecture and the built environment. 

The AAFF will focus on architectural masterpieces, spaces and monuments that awe and inspire, as well as the detailed workings of cities, and the humble, everyday structures of ordinary people. Attention is not limited to the visual but also seeks to explore the social, economic, environmental and cultural issues that manifest in the built environment - thereby giving voice to the premise that architecture is a reflection of the society in which it is created.

Buildings are such an integral part of life that often they are completely taken for granted. The AAFF seeks to draw attention to the forces that determine these built forms, and the impact that they in turn have on their users. The films chosen will explore the relationships between edifices, the lives of people who use them, and the environment in which they are located, using light, colour, texture and sound to capture the imagination.

The Architect Africa Collective, founder of the AAFF, is a proactive supporter of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and sees the Film Festival as an opportunity to take sustained action to assist development, through culture, in the African sub-continent.


The AAFF will include films made by architects and architectural students, local filmmakers, and internationally renowned directors and producers. The vision is to provide a broad spectrum of architectural films including well-loved classics, controversial documentaries, rare archived footage, inspiring tributes and intriguing features. The subject matter will range from gritty realism, cutting-edge technology and scandalous biographies, to heart-warming narratives and utopian visions.

The AAFF is targeted at three groups of people: the general public; art and architecture enthusiasts; and practitioners, students and educators in the built environment. The objective is to host the AAFF in the three major South African cities and tourist destinations, making it accessible to the majority of the country's practitioners, students, learners and film-going public, as well as international visitors. The event will cater for all who are interested in design, space, structure, society and the environment - from the overall concept to the finest details of a work of architecture, and the making of the films themselves.


The aim is to provide an enjoyable and inspiring event, while simultaneously disseminating information and stimulating visual literacy through film and associated events such as exhibitions and debate. 

The AAFF has three main objectives:

to engage the public and promote the architectural profession by presenting quality architectural productions
to provide a cultural tool for development and education
to bring an awareness of the need for thoughtful design, and the importance of the role that architecture plays in society.


The AAFF is intended to be an annual national cultural event of significance. But what makes it unique is the inclusion of several events geared towards public debate, interest and education. 

The core of the Festival will be held at Cinema Nouveau theatres in Johannesburg (Rosebank), Cape Town (Cavendish) and Durban (Gateway), with five days scheduled in each city. Each day four major screenings will be held. In addition, the following events will be tied into the Festival:

Morning screenings reserved for school field trips, geared towards learners from disadvantaged communities
Daily screenings at smaller venues, with talks by guest speakers to open up discussion and debate around the selected subject matter
An associated exhibition on Contemporary South African Architecture
A networking dinner (by reservation only) in each city, with talks by guest speakers to initiate discussion and debate around the broader social, economic and environmental themes covered in the Festival.

Through these associated events, the AAFF will create a broadened public awareness of architecture and design, to awaken in young people an enthusiasm and respect for their environment (natural and built), and to develop a platform for debate and communication amongst built environment professionals.

Subject to sufficient finance being raised and the constitution of the AAFF Organisation before 1 April 2006, the first Film Festival will be held in late August / September 2006. Should these conditions not be met within the given time frame, the first Film Festival will be scheduled for 2007.


The organisation of the AAFF can be divided into four main functions: Fund raising and sponsorship; Curation and design of programme content; Event organisation and management; Marketing and publicity.


The AAFF Organisation is intended to be an enduring, responsible and sustainable entity, which will have the mandate, backing and resources to hold annual architecture film festivals in South Africa. 

The Board will comprise:
Founding members from the Architect Africa Collective* - 
Representatives (academics and practitioners) from the architectural profession and associated industries
Representative/s from The Development Connection (TDC) - 
An auditor who will administer all legal and financial matters

* The Architect Africa Collective (AAC) is a private association of architects based in Johannesburg. is an online publication produced by the AAC that provides structured information to, and about, Africa's architects and built environment professionals. The aims of the site are:
to encourage the exposure of the work of African architects
to provide architects with an online resource
to exhibit building industry products and services
to further and promote the architectural profession 


The support and sponsorship opportunities that exist around the AAFF include:

Financial support


Donation / Sponsorship of films

Donation / Sponsorship of associated events (see Programme) 

Advertising and marketing:
Inclusion of your logo on print material for marketing purposes e.g. posters, brochures
A limited number of advertising slots before each film screening
Mention in press releases, articles, on radio and TV
Extensive exposure through the Architect Africa website and mailing lists for up to six months before the event (
  Exposure through The Development Connection website and mailing lists (


As a supporter of the AAFF, you will engage in a unique opportunity to further the Architectural Profession in South Africa, to promote an awareness of the built environment, and to educate young people about the extensive possibilities that exist in the construction industry.

You will also have a chance to enhance the image of your organisation through an association with a significant, national cultural event.

But most importantly, you will be able to assist with Sustainable Development in Southern Africa by being involved in a campaign to disseminate information and to educate and inspire people.

Your brand and message will reach:

Built environment professionals, academics and consultants - architects, engineers, town planners, property developers, landscape architects, interior designers, building contractors, quantity surveyors 

Students and learners from all walks of life

Art and architecture enthusiasts and the film-going public

International visitors 


Banks and Assurors 
Construction companies
Building Industry suppliers and manufacturers
Software companies
Architectural practices
Organisations involved in built environment R&D (e.g. BP Solar, CSIR)
Jameson (sponsor of Cinema Nouveau)
Products & services aimed at architectural professionals e.g. cellular phone suppliers (MTN, Vodacom, Cell-C), luxury vehicle manufacturers, appliance and device manufacturers

The South African Council for the Architectural Profession
South African Institute of Architects
Landscape architects
Quantity surveyors
Interior designers
Universities and Technical Universities

Department of Arts & Culture
Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism
Department of Housing
Department of Labour
Department of Public Works

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