A HOUSE IN LUANDA: PATIO AND PAVILION is a Design Competition, an initiative of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale in partnership with the Luanda Triennale, and its aim is to select the best proposal for the design of a prototype of a family unit which leads to a patio, with a low construction cost, aimed at severely deprived families, typically consisting of 7-9 people (Parents, 3 children and 2 grandparents or Parents, 5 children, 2 grandparents), in an area of flat topography, located within the city limits of Luanda.

The aim is to create a replicable model that reflects the social, economic and cultural specificity of Luanda, with the idea that this model should weave the urban fabric of the city, using systems, practices and materials which are commonly found in local architecture. The construction method should favour sustainability, with the possibility of a phased construction or even recourse to self-construction by the future residents, in the hope of a prospective attitude linked to an evolutionary component of the model.

Although there are no volumetric limits to the housing proposals to be submitted, they must, however, take into consideration the following parameters for their development, during the Preliminary Study:

1 – Total Area of the Lot -> 250 m2 ( front of the lot: 10m | depth of the lot: 25m )
2 – Gross Building Area -> 100 m2 ( maximum distribution on two floors )
3 – Total Cost of the Build -> € 25,000.00 ( twenty five thousand Euros )

As no contract has yet been awarded, the objective of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale is to set into motion the necessary efforts in order to promote the construction of this family unit. In order to achieve this, the selected projects will be disclosed to the governmental and local Angolan authorities, as well as private developers who have the availability and a suitable profile to be involved in this project.

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