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45247 Learning form Cities - The 2nd Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation
45241 The Demba Diop stadium football crush: Is this Senegal’s Hillsborough?
45231 Savage + Dodd Architects - finalist in World Architecture Festival
45204 African citizens have good reasons to be fed up with their politicians
45203 Tragedy in the Nuba Mountains: hunger and starvation are constants
45202 Maputo's residents can now use gas. But dropping charcoal is proving hard
45200 Only 600 seats available for more engaging Green Building Convention 2017
45197 What Cape Town can learn from Windhoek on surviving droughts
45196 Regional integration has taken a back seat in Kenya’s election. Why it matters
45172 South Africa and Angola Review Bilateral Relations
45147 Action plan to reignite confidence in economy - ANC
45138 How corruption is fraying South Africa's social and economic fabric
45137 Africa’s tropical forests could be next in line as global food demand grows
45130 Kenyatta or Odinga? Why dynastic politics is alive and well in Kenya
45129 South Africa needs a sensible debate about its Reserve Bank. Here's a start
45123 UCLG shares city-to-city dimensions of South-South cooperation at the ILO Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy
45118 ANC conference: governing party blew chance to regain South Africa's trust
45114 South Africa should sort out the bad from the really bad on its invasive species list
45108 What the World Bank's shift from public to private funding means for development
45106 ANC policy anarchy – its leaders are too weak to lead, or too weak to take over
45104 Why the future of Africa's forests and savannas are under threat
45103 What lies behind the rise of Christian universities in Africa
45102 Mozambique Calls for Business Partnerships With U.S. Companies
45101 Mozambique is Rising. Now It Is Time to Soar
45089 Water shortages in Cape Town are here to stay. What the city can learn from others
45087 Zambia's Lungu tries to have his cake and eat it: a state of emergency in all but name
45083 ANC policy conference: deeper polarisation and a stalemate for South Africa
45081 Why Kenya's electorate should be wary of bold education reform promises
45080 Kenya should be focused on recycling, not banning plastic bags
45077 Africa Architecture Awards extends entry deadline
45072 South Africa's problems lie in political negligence, not its Constitution
45068 RIBA : International Week 3 - 7 July 2017
45067 Somali pirates are back. Only a strong state can put an end to their activities
45066 Why Malawi and Tanzania should stick to mediation to settle lake boundary dispute
45065 Why the World Bank's efforts to marshal private capital won't reduce poverty
45064 Cape Town needs a new approach to manage water
45055 News of Saif al-Islam's release: regional politics fuels rumour mill in Libya
45052 Alternative currencies are the future: why it matters for development
45050 SA Human Settlements On Property Practitioners Ombudsman
45049 SA Human Settlements On Fake Requests for Quotations
45041 Transforming Barcelona by imagining the future
45030 Kenya needs to protect elderly people during drought and famine emergencies
45028 The DRC is revisiting its mining code. Why reform is long overdue
45027 The challenge of financing sustainable urbanization is not only unresolved but largely ignored!
45020 South African Municipal Revenue Increases
45011 UCLG renews its commitment to drive forward “The Shift” to housing as a human right
45009 Open, free access to health evidence: a new precedent for Africa
45003 Nuclear and coal lobbies threaten to scupper renewables in South Africa
45000 Demonstration farms can help revolutionise African agriculture
44998 How partnerships enriched the learning for Nairobi slum children