Dakar Music Festival : Where contemporary musics meets Africa

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For 10 days festival-goers were able to dive into the heart of the Senegalese capital and its surroundings since the first weekend was devoted to concerts and artistic performances highlighting the most emblematic places of the city … such as the Renaissance monument, Mamelles beach or the dunes of the Lake Rose

The aim of the Dakar Music Festival was to bring together artists from different backgrounds and different musical genres, hoping to revive the local youth music scene, and to build an artistic and cultural bridge between traditional African music, and more contemporary music.



Rebels defeated in Northern Chad - Army

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Chadian Defense Minister claims that the army “dislodged and cleared the enemy” in the northern region of the country.

The Defense Minister said this when he visited the violence -rocked regions of Miski in Tibesti on Saturday.

“We came to visit our forces in Miski, who dislodged and cleared the enemy. I call on the entire population of Miski, those who belong to the Chadian state, the fourth republic, to come to defense and security forces and leave the ground open to those who want to create problems, and we are ahead of them. “

The desert and mountainous zone of Tibesti bordering Libya and Niger, has experienced increased tensions for three months.

A security official told AFP that N’Djamena had deployed a strong military to ​Miski and aerial bombardments have taken place in recent days.

According to N’Djamena, the military deployment aims to “clean” the gold-mining areas of “illegal gold miners as well as arms and human traffickers.

The source added that the army seeks to isolate Miski by blocking all the routes that lead to this locality.

Chad’s extreme north is a desert area allegedly rich in precious metals. It purportedly attracts rebel groups present in neighbouring countries.


Salif Keita decries violence against albinos

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Malian afro-pop singer, Salif Keïta, has condemned violence perpetrated against albinos.

In a recent concert which brought together afro-pop fans on Fana, 120 km from the capital Bamako, the songwriter, alongside Senegalese musicians: Ismael Lô,and Maah Koudia Keït, as well as Georgian artist Bera, paid tribute to young Ramata Diarra, an albino girl killed in May.

“We are here today to remember Ramata and above all to ensure that justice is done to her,” Tem Fuh Mbuh, program manager for a human rights group in West Africa said.

Dozens of albinos are reportedly killed and their limbs amputated for rituals across the African continent every year.

Salif Keita said, “It means that albinos need safety and health, and that we need an African government to care for albinos, because we have the same rights as everyone else.”

5-year-old Diarra was abducted on May 13 in the middle of the night by armed men while asleep in the family residence. Her beheaded body was found a few hours later next to a mosque. Associations then denounced the “ritual crime” in the run-up to the presidential election.

Also known as the “Golden Voice of Africa”, Salif Keïta’s 45-minute performance threw light on his album, “L’autre blanc”.

The 69-year-old called on other colleagues including Ivorian reggae star Alpha Blondy and Grammy Award-winning Beninese songwriter Angélique Kidjo, to amplify his cry to end discrimination against albinos.

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