Universal Children's Day- 'Go Blue' [The Morning Call]

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Today is Universal Children’s Day. It is a celebration that started since 1954 when the observance was established. Since then, the day has been used to ‘promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare’.

November 20 is also the day when the UN General Assembly adopted the declaration of the ‘Rights of the Child’ in 1959; making it Children’s Rights Day.


Spain, Morocco discuss joint Africa-Europe bid for 2030 FIFA World Cup

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Africa and Europe could jointly host the 2030 football World Cup, if a plan by Spain to jointly bid for the hosting rights with Portugal and Morocco is successful.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who held a meeting with Morocco’s king Mohammed VI, announced the plans on Monday.

“I made the proposal, firstly to the government then to King Mohammed VI to launch a shared application with Morocco, Portugal and Spain to host the 2030 World Cup,” Sanchez said in Rabat after a meeting with the monarch.

“It will be the first two-continent application, with Europe and Africa, and King Mohammed VI welcomed the proposal warmly.”

Earlier this year the King ordered the Royal Moroccan Football Federation to launch their own World Cup bid but the office of the Moroccan prime minister, Saad Eddine el Othmani, refused to comment on Sanchez’s statement when contacted by AFP.

Stronger Together

The north African country has failed five times to bring the tournament to the southern shores of the Mediterranean, with the United States, Canada and Mexico most recently beating them to the 2026 competition.

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Spain, the 2010 world champions, hosted the 1982 World Cup and launched a failed bid along with Portugal to stage the 2018 tournament which was awarded to Russia.

Portugal has never hosted the World Cup but held the 2004 European Championship in 2004 at which they lost in the final to Greece.

2030 World Cup bids

The Africa-Europe World Cup bid, is likely to face stiff competition from other European and South American bids.

Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay have proposed a bid to coordinate the 2030 event, which will mark 100 years since the first tournament.

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia are also considering a joint bid, as are the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The official bidding process is set to being in 2020.

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AU leaders adopt key reforms [The Morning Call]

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The eleventh extraordinary summit of the African union (AU) which ended Sunday in Addis Ababa has been hailed as fruitful. At the meeting, 55 members of the continental body agreed to some proposed reforms for the Commission.

The meeting had been seen as a frantic attempt to push through reforms that have been in the pipelines for nearly two years. In 2016, the AU charged its chairperson, Rwandan President Paul Kagame with getting reforms passed. And one of those key reforms that has now being adopted is that designed to make the institution less dependent on foreign donors by making members pay their dues.

Although not all his reforms were passed, the Rwandan leader Paul Kagame has welcomed the progress made at the two-day summit.


DRC: Kabila's candidate unveils manifesto ahead of Dec. polls

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The candidate of the ruling coalition in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary on Monday launched his manifesto ahead of next month’s general elections.

Shadary, who was handpicked by president Joseph Kabila as his potential successor, set out an $86 billion (75 billion euro) five-year development plan for the sprawling central African country.

He will be contesting against several opposition politicians including a coalition candidate, Martin Fayulu, who was picked by several opposition leaders.

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Shadary’s campaign promises

Making his first public remarks since longstanding leader Kabila anointed him in early August, Shadary told supporters that he would reinforce the authority of the state, diversify the economy, create jobs, combat poverty and guarantee access to public services.

Shadary made the pledges three days ahead of the official start of campaigning for the December 23 poll to succeed Kabila, who has been in power since January 2001.

The election is critical for the future of the DR Congo, a mineral-rich country that has never known a peaceful transition of power since independence from Belgium in 1960.

Kabila’s second and final elected term in office ended nearly two years ago, but he stayed in office thanks to a caretaker clause in the constitution.

Months of speculation over Kabila’s intentions, marked by protests that were repressed at a cost of dozens of lives, ended in August when he threw his weight behind Shadary, a hardline former interior minister and loyalist.

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WFP seeks $4.2 mln to feed refugees, asylum seekers in Malawi

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The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday made a passionate appealing to the international community for $4.2 million to feed 35,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Malawi.

Beneficiaries are based in Dzaleka refugee camp, approximately 50 km from the capital, Lilongwe.

“For 2019, we need $ 4.2 million to cover the needs of the 35,000 refugees with their daily food rations”, said WFP Country Director to Malawi, Benoit Thiry.

The World Food Programme Director Country to Malawi said children and pregnant women are most at risk.

“These people who live in camps, I think, have no other way to feed themselves. they are not allowed to work outside, which means that they rely heavily on WFP food distribution, which means that the risk of child malnutrition, the first to be affected, will be children, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding”, Thiry added.

The WFP and the UN Refugee Agency help government to take care of refugees in Malawi. Currently, there are 35,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the East African nation.



Liberals cry hypocrisy over reports of Ivanka’s private email use – but it’s not the same as Hillary

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Preview A bombshell report by the Washington Post on Ivanka Trump's use of a personal email account for official communications has prompted immediate comparisons to Hillary Clinton's scandal. But they aren't as similar as it may seem.
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