CHAK Architects


Charbel Khouri was born in Miziara-Lebanon in a family that has been into the construction business for several decades. He lived most of his early life in Kano City, Nigeria. He attended the Lebanese American University (LAU) where he studied Interior Design and went for an extra one year to do Interior Architecture.

He later moved to Italy to continue his studies where he attained a Master of Architecture in Sustainable Architecture from Saint John International University (SJIU)in Torino.

In order to meet the business requirements of today's market, he joined Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid-Spain, one of the leading business universities worldwide, in early 2014 for a Master degree in Architectural Management and Design.

With a work background between Beirut, Dubai and Rome, he launched his architecture practice CHAK Architects in Nigeria.

Although at CHAK Architects we believe that design is essential, we have created our own signature style and brand focusing primarily on our services and customers' satisfaction. It is our great responsibility to create balance between designing beautiful, unique and healthy buildings and providing optimum service.

Culture and Values: CHAK Architects values the personal and professional development of each employee by supporting initiative and ambition. When it comes to our mission, we work hard to value - Our Clients, Our Community, Design, Diversity and Ourselves.