Natural environment

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22.06.2017 South Africa Invasive species have a massive impact, but wise policy can keep them out 0.3 +60
16.07.2017 South Africa What Cape Town can learn from Windhoek on surviving droughts 0.4 +68
10.07.2017 South Africa South Africa should sort out the bad from the really bad on its invasive species list 0.2 +70
06.07.2017 South Africa Water shortages in Cape Town are here to stay. What the city can learn from others 0.2 +75
04.07.2017 Kenya Kenya should be focused on recycling, not banning plastic bags 0.1 +76
03.07.2017 South Africa Cape Town needs a new approach to manage water 0.1 +79
25.06.2017 South Africa South Africa is committed to sustainable development 0.1 +97
30.06.2017 International UCLG to report on the localization of the SDGs at the High Level Political Forum 0.2 +104
16.06.2017 South Africa Gigaba calls for ‘denser’, more inclusive cities 0.2 +121
04.06.2017 International As Trump smacks the climate, world must do better to save planet 0.0 +148
02.06.2017 International The GOLD IV report "Co-creating the Urban Future" latest edition is now available online 0.1 +155
17.07.2017 South Africa Only 600 seats available for more engaging Green Building Convention 2017 0.8 +164
07.06.2017 Africa UIDC 2017 a platform to unlock solutions for smart cities in Africa 0.3 +165
22.03.2017 Africa Africa needs its own version of the vertical farm to feed growing cities 0.0 +167
18.06.2017 Africa Africa's got plans for a Great Green Wall: why the idea needs a rethink 0.1 +168