Political Issues

Post datesort icon Country Title Pulse Rank
31.07.2017 Congo - DRC Why Kabila's bid to remain in power is bad news for the Democratic Republic of the Congo 0.4 +110
31.07.2017 South Africa What's in a name? Towards genuine economic transformation in South Africa 0.2 +83
30.07.2017 Rwanda Election guide: what you need to know about the Rwandan presidential poll 0.5 +119
27.07.2017 Tanzania All bets are off as Magufuli's resource nationalism moves up a gear in Tanzania 0.4 +133
24.07.2017 South Africa Why South Africa's communists need to cut the ANC umbilical cord. Or perish 0.0 +174
23.07.2017 Zambia Zambians firmly defend democracy. But will they stand up against Lungu? 0.1 +71
17.07.2017 Sudan Tragedy in the Nuba Mountains: hunger and starvation are constants 0.1 +137
16.07.2017 Kenya Regional integration has taken a back seat in Kenya’s election. Why it matters 0.2 +127
11.07.2017 South Africa South Africa needs a sensible debate about its Reserve Bank. Here's a start 0.8 +319
11.07.2017 Kenya Kenyatta or Odinga? Why dynastic politics is alive and well in Kenya 0.0 +116
10.07.2017 Kenya Kenya's parliament continues to stall on the two-thirds gender rule 0.0 +74
10.07.2017 South Africa ANC conference: governing party blew chance to regain South Africa's trust 0.0 +98
09.07.2017 South Africa ANC policy conference shows shifting balance of power 0.0 +84
06.07.2017 Zambia Zambia's Lungu tries to have his cake and eat it: a state of emergency in all but name 0.4 +329
05.07.2017 Kenya Why Kenya's electorate should be wary of bold education reform promises 0.2 +187