Three days of intense engagement with world-renowned keynote speakers and local thought leaders around the theme WeTheCity: Memory & Resilience. PLUS your CPD points for the year. Book now!


Architecture and Art Co-fusion

As co-founding Director of Mashabane Rose & Associates, Phill Mashabane has contributed to a broad variety of prestigious projects over a thirty-year career, demonstrating expertise in the fields of master planning, urban design and development planning; architecture; museum design; storyline development and exhibit design; interior architecture; and research & development in heritage and conservation. He has managed projects in the residential, commercial, retail, mining, medical, education and heritage sectors throughout South Africa and Africa. At #AZA18, he will share his considerable insights under the topic ‘Architecture and Art Co-fusion’.


Mamelodi [RE]Scripted

Dr Carin Combrinck heads up the research field of Human Settlements and Urbanism at the University of Pretoria. In her presentation of ‘Mamelodi [RE]Scripted’, she will be conveying the value that the spatial discipline of architecture can bring to bear on the shared story of our country, beyond the first chapter of democracy. She says, “We hope, through this visual rendition of theses done over a ten-year period, to instil some of the hope that underpins the work produced by our students and to illicit a provocation to participate across more sectors of society so that we can assume a more significant role in our emerging cities.”


Palimpsest: Abstract art and memory

A strong conceptual thinker and designer, Philip du Toit specialises in housing and theory at Osmond Lange Architects & Planners in Cape Town. His presentation at #AZA18 is ‘Palimpsest: Abstract art and memory’, a project that was partly inspired by the long-term search for what the next step in photographic art could be. He says, “At first images were extracted from videos. Then individual photographs were layered with enhancements to highlight the edges, colours, textures, shadows and shapes. After the first Palimpsests were created, the theory was developed alongside the art works and I am now in the process of planning further theoretical and practical development.”


Vibing at 012 central

012central is a multi-space precinct in the Pretoria inner city comprising a number of closely situated buildings and the spaces in between, which enable diverse, rich experiences. It is the perfect location for professionals and students to explore ‘WeTheCity: Memory & Resilience’, and to engage around different scenarios of change as to how we live, interact, and survive both as individuals and as part of a collective within the urban environment.


More than a century after 48 000 people died in concentration camps in what’s known as the South African War between 1899 and 1902 the events of that period are back in the headlines.

South Africa’s shortage of over 200 000 student beds is one of the primary causes for the country’s high dropout rates and poor academic performance,