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An Overview of Digital Fabrication in Architecture

6 hours 23 minutes ago

A couple of years ago, digital fabrication was making headlines regularly, promising to drastically change the architecture practice. The revolution in architecture might not have arrived yet, but research projects, experiments and the dedication of several architects and universities already opened a new realm of possibilities for architectural expression. Therefore, it seems appropriate to give an overview of the impact the technology had so far within the architecture practice. This article covers the different types of processes within the field and the projects that experiment with them, with the scope of reframing the architectural potential of digital fabrication.

Andreea Cutieru

Scarwafa Co-Housing / Krft

6 hours 58 minutes ago

Scarwafa (an acronym for the 6 owners) is a small-scale cohousing project of 3 befriended young families, who acquired three neighboring plots in the Buiksloterham area in Amsterdam, at the height of the last financial crisis. From the start, collectivity and simplicity were the guiding motives. The thin budgets demanded conservativeness in form and materialization. By developing a coherent, collective architectural language, there was an effectiveness in basic detailing and cost savings in implementation. With these basic details in hand, 3 individualized homes with different spatiality have been designed to fit the individual needs.

Andreas Luco

Public Spaces with Scaffolding: an Alternative in Emergency Situations

7 hours 28 minutes ago

When facing emergencies such as natural disasters, warfare or pandemics, architecture must offer immediate and effective solutions. In these unfortunate circumstances, the priority is usually to solve problems around housing, however, once the emergency is under control, the focus starts to slowly move towards meeting places such as community centers, neighborhood councils and public spaces.

Clara Ott & María Francisca González

Atelier Villa | Art Villas Costa Rica / Formafatal

7 hours 58 minutes ago

Art Villas Costa Rica. Not far from Costa Rican town Uvita - there is a hidden small resort Art Villas on the jungle hill above the beach Playa Hermosa.  3 unique villas and one multifunctional pavilion are scattered over a plot of 2 ha. When the investor approached the architects, he wished to create a place where the visitors merge with the surrounding nature, clearing their mind, experiencing luxury and adventure at the same time. He wanted to create a place that digs deep into everyone's heart when they taste it. The architects from the Formafatal studio followed the client's assignment and were also inspired by the atmosphere and colorfulness of Central and South America.

Paula Pintos

The People Have Spoken: Statistics Show that Only 5% Approve Zumthor LACMA Scheme

8 hours 28 minutes ago

Conducted by The Citizens’ Brigade to Save LACMA, a recent poll revealed that only 5% approve of the current Peter Zumthor-designed scheme for a new LACMA, 50% Support the renovation of the existing buildings, and 85% favor encyclopedic collection in one location. The public survey also highlighted 3 designs selected out of the shortlisted six proposals of the “LACMA Not LackMA” competition.

Christele Harrouk

Plant Prefab Announces Flexible ADU Line for Sustainable Living

8 hours 58 minutes ago

Prefabricated design and manufacturing company Plant Prefab has announced their new lightHouse line, a set of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) available in multiple sizes. Working with designers Alchemy Architects, the LivingHomes concept joins a roster of work with partners that include KieranTimberlake, Koto Design and Brooks + Scarpa. With a size ranging from 310 square feet to 600, the newest line was inspired by Alchemy’s previous work on small-space living.

Eric Baldwin

What Are Decibels? (Or How Noises Affect Our Health)

9 hours 28 minutes ago

Noisy environments can significantly and negatively effect our bodies, and are a great villain to concentration, learning, and productivity in classrooms and offices. Headaches are one momentary symptom of noise. But staying exposed to very noisy places can bring greater problems such as hearing loss, lower concentration, high blood pressure, and even poor digestion. It can also trigger high levels of stress, sleep disturbances, mood changes, increased heart rate, and ringing in the ears. This is an invisible enemy and is often neglected in big cities with the noise of heavy traffic, demolition. and noisy equipment, such as generators and air conditioners. However, effective measures can be taken to avoid this unnecessary noise.

Eduardo Souza

A Brief History of Workplace Design and Where it Might be Headed Next

9 hours 58 minutes ago

Many of us spend more time at our offices than ever before and sometimes see our colleagues more than our own families. Workplaces can be considered to be our second homes, which is why the way we deliberately design them in the present day has garnered so much attention. The overarching design of workplaces aims to create a perfect balance between heads-down focus work and layers of collaboration to improve the productivity and general well being of employees. As workplace trends come and go, there’s a new progression on everyone’s minds- and it predicts what a post-COVID-19 office might look like both in the immediate and long term future. Although there’s no crystal ball answer, many architecture firms, research groups, and real estate companies have been tapped to ideate and implement forward-thinking design solutions and health safety policies that will be critical in redefining how we utilize our workplaces for the years to come.

Kaley Overstreet

Hillbrow Counselling Centre / Local Studio

10 hours 58 minutes ago

Prior to initiation of this project, the Outreach Foundation provided a very impact-full counselling service to trauma victims in Hillbrow, an area rife with crime and violence. In recent years, counselors at the center were trained further in handling unique trauma relating to migrants and refugees.

Pilar Caballero

Church and Community Centre in Castel di Lama / Studio Contini

12 hours 58 minutes ago

The church is the last building, in order of construction, of the parish centre designed by studio_continiarchitettura. The complex includes sporting and recreational facilities, spaces for education and meeting places, creating an urban system that promotes community life. The project, developed from a competition held in 2006, is deeply rooted in its context, both through the disposition of its volumes and the use of local materials.

Andreas Luco

Parry Street House / Curious Practice

13 hours 58 minutes ago

Parry Street is an alteration and addition of a Federation brick house in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. The existing single dwelling had previously been separated into three separate tenancies, robbing each of the opportunities afforded by the site. This project amalgamates these tenancies back into a single family home, thereby restoring the building’s integrity and giving a quality of inhabitation back to the clients.

Andreas Luco

Canyon Asia Factory Thailand / Kajima Design Asia

14 hours 58 minutes ago

Building Outline - Canyon is Japan based manufacturer that produce trigger operated sprays and pump dispensers. This building is production headquarter of Canyon company in South East Asia that handle every process of plastic trigger sprayers and pump dispenser’s production from research and development, design, forming to production and design of mold and automatic assembly machine itself.

Hana Abdel

DSN Office / DSN Intervention

16 hours 58 minutes ago

DSN Office is an architectural design and construction office. Located in Karawaci (about 20 km outside Jakarta), it is predominantly housing estates with fixed urban typology. The office is situated between two houses of tropical style with Dutch gable roof structure. Therefore, we deconstructed the roof and made it into the face of the building, to give a sense of belonging and volumetric uniqueness.

Hana Abdel

AB House / bwa

17 hours 58 minutes ago

This new house includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen & living spaces, 2 storey study, rumpus, garage and wet areas. Considerations for site and internal planning included retention of a Claret Ash in the rear yard, access to northern light and elevated views, the desire for “operable” privacy to the street.

Andreas Luco

Pier 4 Office Building / Elkus Manfredi Architects

18 hours 58 minutes ago

The Pier 4 complex includes two buildings, one an office building and the other a condominium building. Designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects, the office building is a striking addition to the architectural landscape of the Seaport District as visible from the water and the new Seaport District neighborhood.

Valeria Silva

Bass Residence / [STRANG]

20 hours 58 minutes ago

Located directly adjacent to Biscayne Bay, the Bass Residence underscores [STRANG]'s continuous exploration of the concept of a floating, rectilinear frame. The exposure to hurricane storm surges required that the home be raised substantially above the existing grade. This results in an impressive architectural composition where the frame acts as a third-level volume that protrudes beyond the level below. The frame itself is offset in two different axes while also expressing variable thicknesses. 

Andreas Luco

Tlacotalpan 89 Building / Wolff - Yapur

21 hours 58 minutes ago

Tlacotalpan 89 arises from the merging of two properties of approximately 475m2, in the Roma Sur neighbourhood. Its location is essential both regarding mobility and in its architectural analysis, due to the real estate growth in the region, and the demand surrounding the design proposal. On the other hand, when two properties merged, the project generated the facility to carry out different configurations for the apartments, outdoor spaces, parking lots and public areas.

Valeria Silva

The Garage Gem / Office Ou

23 hours 58 minutes ago

This project stemmed from the desire to transform the traditional urban garage into a flexible amenity space. This small structure re-imagines the detached laneway garage (often an under-utilized storage space), and makes it into a true extension of the home, as well as an open event space to forge community bonds. The 'Garage Gem' strikes a balance between precious and utilitarian to support a wide range of uses: it is a functioning garage, a conservatory, occasional workshop, a three-season space for entertaining guests, dining, movie screenings, writing, and simply enjoying the quiet seclusion of the leafy rear yard.

Andreas Luco
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