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Updated: 36 min 14 sec ago

Soft spots: 1,000s of California’s buildings earthquake-prone

1 hour 33 min ago

Preview Thousands of buildings, many on Los Angeles’ most famous streets from Sunset to Hollywood Boulevard, are highly prone to earthquake damage. Retrofitting for seismic strengthening while costly has become more urgent following Mexico’s earthquake.
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More to come? US calls for ‘strong & swift’ UNSC action to end Myanmar crisis

2 hours 4 min ago

Preview US Vice President Mike Pence has called on the UN Security Council to take action to resolve the crisis in Myanmar, which led to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing their homes in recent weeks.

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NASA mission prepares to slingshot asteroid probe around the Earth

2 hours 12 min ago

Preview NASA is preparing to harness the power of the Earth’s gravity ahead of plans to slingshot a mineral-collecting spacecraft towards a distant asteroid.
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Marjoram Essential Oil Benefits Sleep, Blood Pressure, Bladder, Gut

2 hours 30 min ago

By Tina Lockhart Marjoram essential oil has long been used as a traditional medicine. According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love, once used it as a love potion. Today, the sweet...

‘Total devastation’: Hurricane Maria brings high winds and flooding to Puerto Rico (IMAGES, VIDEO)

2 hours 35 min ago

Preview Hurricane Maria has continued its trail of destruction in the Caribbean with Puerto Rico the latest island to feel the force of the storm’s 155mph winds.
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Russia begins troop withdrawal from Belarus after end of Zapad 2017 drills – MoD

2 hours 42 min ago

Preview Russian troops have started to routinely return to their home bases after the end of the joint Russia-Belarus Zapad 2017 exercises that earlier provoked large-scale hysteria in the West over their nature, numbers and purpose.
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#StopMorganLie: Twitterati disappointed in Freeman after his ‘War with Russia’ video

2 hours 58 min ago

Preview “Brainwashing” and “propaganda machine” – that gives just a flavor of the Twitter reactions to Morgan Freeman’s anti-Russian video. To be charitable, the video does not seem to have had the desired effect on social media: some users have gone as far as saying they have lost respect for the Hollywood star.
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‘All lives splatter’: GOP lawmaker apologises after posting meme

3 hours 31 min ago

Preview A South Dakota lawmaker has apologized for sharing a meme apparently showing a vehicle ramming into protesters.
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This is why Mexico keeps getting hit by earthquakes (MAP, PHOTOS)

3 hours 32 min ago

Preview More than 200 people are feared dead in Mexico after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck 51km (3.2 miles) below the surface of the Puebla region on Tuesday.
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Russia 2018 LOC chief Sorokin elected to FIFA council

3 hours 41 min ago

Preview Russia 2018 World Cup Local Organizing Committee chief executive Alexey Sorokin has been elected to the FIFA Council following a vote in Geneva on Wednesday.
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‘Time to correct US miscalculations:’ Iran’s army chief vows ‘painful response’ to Trump’s UN speech

3 hours 47 min ago

Preview The US will see “painful responses” from Iran following the accusations made by President Donald Trump in his speech at the UN General Assembly, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said.
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‘Rogue newcomer’: Rouhani calls Trump’s UN remarks over nuclear deal ‘ignorant & absurd’

4 hours 19 min ago

Preview Iran will respond “decisively” to any violation of the 2015 nuclear deal by “any party,” President Hassan Rouhani said in his speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, as he hit back at US President Donald Trump.

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Report: New Evidence of Ongoing Corruption and Scientific Misconduct at CDC

4 hours 26 min ago

Kennedy hopes new evidence and a fresh look at criminal misconduct will result in law enforcement action, rigorous and transparent vaccine safety science, and safer vaccines. Washington, DC – In...

Gonna need a bigger crane: Enormous turtle found on Spanish beach (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

4 hours 36 min ago

Preview A giant sea turtle measuring up to two meters (6ft 7in) in length washed up dead on a Spanish beach, Tuesday. The leatherback – the largest of all living turtles – was found in Calella on the Costa del Maresme in the province of Barcelona.

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Oklahoma City cops shoot & kill deaf man, despite warnings

4 hours 43 min ago

Preview The man shot dead by police in Oklahoma City on Tuesday was deaf, it has emerged. Witnesses say that bystanders told the officers the man could not hear, but they opened fire anyway.
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Porpoise found at religious retreat for medieval monks’ baffles experts (VIDEO)

5 hours 13 min ago

Preview Archaeologists digging on an island off the UK coast have been left mystified by the discovery of a porpoise seemingly buried in its own grave on the site of a monks’ medieval retreat.
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Court denies Charleston shooter’s request to fire his Jewish & Indian lawyers

5 hours 42 min ago

Preview A federal court denied convicted Charleston shooter Dylann Roof’s request to replace his two defense lawyers, who are Jewish and Indian. Roof called the lawyers appealing against his death sentence his “political and biological enemies.”
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Mysterious city of ‘Octlantis’ – where octopuses mate, build homes & evict rivals (PHOTOS)

5 hours 45 min ago

Preview The discovery of an underwater city built by octopuses, dubbed Octlantis, has led researchers to conclude the mysterious mollusks aren’t the loners we thought they were.

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Woman & her service dog booted off Ryanair flight to Ibiza

5 hours 47 min ago

Preview Ryanair staff have been accused of “a total lack of desire to help” after a woman and her support dog were kicked off a flight – amid mass cancellations for the Irish carrier.
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Porkins Policy Radio episode 109 Stephen Singular Talked to Death: The Murder of Alan Berg

5 hours 57 min ago

Stephen Singular joins me today to discuss his first book Talked to Death: The Murder of Alan Berg. We begin by talking about controversial radio host Alan Berg. Stephen explains how he went from a Chicago based lawyer, to one of the most popular radio hosts in the nation. We discuss Berg’s confrontational style of talk radio which covered everything from race, politics, sex, religion, to the love of his Airedale dog. Stephen and I then move onto the far right neo-nazi group The Order, which would assassinate Berg on June 19, 1984. Stephen explains how this tiny group of white nationalists would commit 240 crimes including: counterfeiting over half a million dollars, robbing nearly $4 million from banks and Brinks trucks, and murdering 5 individuals. Stephen and I discuss how The Order grew out of Richard Butler’s Aryan Nations group. We talk about the Christian Identity movement and the impact they had on nearly everyone in the Order. Stephen and I also explore how the The Order’s inability to keep up with the changes of the 1980’s had a huge impact on their reactionary politics. We talk about how The Order’s founder Bob Mathews was able to channel this rage into the group.

In the second hour Stephen and I talk about our current state of affairs and the legacy that The Order and the white power movement is still having. Stephen discusses the trajectory of the movement from The Order to Mark Fuhrman, and lastly to Donald Trump. We also look at Charlottesville and role that mental health can play in these Troyes of violent attacks.

Later I talk about how Alan Berg’s legacy has continued to make an impact on me. I talk about the importance and beauty of talk radio as well. I also explore the legacy of The Order and how the governments response to them has been a prototype for another right groups. I look at Ruby Ridge, Waco, as well as the fire bombing of far left group MOVE. I also update the listeners on the imminent return of Porkins Great Game, Patreon Bonus podcasts, and a possible sponsor of the show.


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Show Notes:


Talked To Death: The Murder of Alan Berg

Alan Berg: Talked to Death (Rolling Stone article)