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Updated: 2 hours 52 min ago

News you may have missed #895: Africa edition

4 hours 59 min ago

South African security contractor faces spy charges in South Sudan. Somalia appoints new police and intelligence chiefs. Ethiopia bans protests, media criticism, under state of emergency.

German far-right AfD surpasses Social Democrats to become 2nd strongest party – poll

5 hours 38 min ago

Preview The populist far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has garnered record high support, latest polling shows. For the first time, the anti-immigrant party has become more popular than the Social Democrats (SPD).
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‘Massive fireball’ lightning strike damages ancient Scottish castle (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

6 hours 1 min ago

Preview An ancient castle on the northwest coast of Scotland has been heavily damaged by a lightning strike that a witness compared to a “massive fireball.”

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Engine fire forces US F-16 to dump fuel tanks over Japanese lake – reports

6 hours 20 min ago

Preview An engine malfunction has forced a US F-16 pilot to drop his fighter jet’s external fuel tanks over Lake Ogawara in Aomori Prefecture in order to safely return to Misawa Air Force Base in Japan, according to local media.
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Lebanon ready to confront any ‘Israeli aggression at all costs’ – army

6 hours 26 min ago

Preview The Lebanese army has reaffirmed its readiness to confront the “Israeli aggression” by any means at its disposal if the ongoing disputes and already tense relations between the neighbors escalate into an armed confrontation.
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Game of Viruses? HBO to dramatize ‘Stuxnet’ cyber attack on Iran

7 hours 56 min ago

Preview The story behind the shadowy US-Israeli cyber attack against the Iranian nuclear program may soon be coming to TV screens. HBO is reportedly working on a miniseries based on ‘Zero Days,’ an award-winning documentary about Stuxnet.
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Russia accused of ‘erasing Muslim heritage’ for restoring collapsing Crimean mosque

8 hours 40 min ago

Preview Russia has been accused of trying to “erase Crimean Muslim culture” by restoring a local mosque. However, workers at the site say they are saving the historic building from crumbling after years of neglect.
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Nosferbatu: Researchers reveal vampire bat’s genetic secrets

9 hours 40 min ago

Preview Scientists have cracked the mystery of how vampire bats can survive solely upon the blood of their victims. The nocturnal Latin American mammals are fascinating creatures, the study leader says.
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‘Chinese province of the Philippines?’ Duterte says Beijing’s military bases only threaten the US

9 hours 52 min ago

Preview The Philippines is not concerned about Chinese military bases in the South China Sea, which are aimed to counter US influence, Rodrigo Duterte said, emphasizing that Manila can solve any disputes with Beijing diplomatically.
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150km in 25 minutes: India’s hyperloop test-track to open in 2021

10 hours 43 min ago

Preview India has pulled ahead in the race to build a hyperloop after pledging to construct a route to connect Mumbai with the city of Pune. When completed, passengers will be able to travel the 150-kilometer journey in 25 minutes.
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Students stage ‘lie-in’ outside White House to demand gun control (VIDEO)

10 hours 44 min ago

Preview High school students from the Washington, DC area held a ‘lie-in’ protest outside the White House, demanding gun control legislation. The protest comes after the recent school shooting in Florida, where 17 people were killed.
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New blood and urine test can detect autism in children – study

10 hours 49 min ago

Preview A simple blood test could soon be all that’s needed to diagnose autism in children. Scientists hope the breakthrough will lead to earlier detections and reveal the unidentified causes of the disorder.
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3 men arrested for ‘cannibalism’ after violent Paris brawl

10 hours 53 min ago

Preview Three men have been detained in a Paris suburb on suspicion of cannibalism, after a quarrel over money reportedly resulted in pieces of another man’s ear and lip being bitten off.
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‘Pimping for terrorists’? Sarah Silverman attacked for saying Jews must denounce Israeli wrongdoing

11 hours 39 min ago

Preview Jewish-American actress and comedian Sarah Silverman is facing an avalanche of criticism and praise online after saying that Jews should denounce the Israeli government for its wrongdoing.
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Hands up: Ohio sheriff offers gun training to teachers

19 February, 2018 - 23:54

Preview A sheriff in Ohio is offering free concealed and carry classes to teachers in the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida. Sheriff Richard Jones hopes that more gun-toting teachers will prevent future school shootings.

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From Emperor Qin to Pieta: 5 infamous incidents of art vandalism

19 February, 2018 - 23:49

Preview Chinese officials are calling for the “exemplary punishment” of an American student who damaged a priceless 2,200-year-old statue. One of the famous terracotta warriors lost a finger in the incident.
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Polish Jews say PM’s Holocaust complicity comments ‘cross line of common sense’

19 February, 2018 - 23:30

Preview The Union of Jewish Communities in Poland blasted Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki for saying that there were Jewish perpetrators in the Holocaust, denouncing his “moral blindness and historical ignorance.”
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Germany seeks new spy satellites to get intel ‘independently from US’ – report

19 February, 2018 - 23:28

Preview Berlin has launched a new satellite program for its intelligence service (BND) in an attempt to escape US influence in spying matters, Die Zeit daily reports. The project has already proven to be costlier than planned.
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Europe’s ‘last hope’ in face of mass migration is Christianity – Hungarian PM

19 February, 2018 - 23:18

Preview EU politicians endanger Europe by advocating migration, with Christianity being the only means of preventing a Muslim majority on the continent, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.
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