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Early results of Californian basic income trial report success

4 hours 15 minutes ago

Interim data from the SEED trial reveals full-time employment levels in the payment group grew faster than the control

The results from the first 12 months of a small universal basic income trial in California suggest those receiving the monthly unconditional payments report increased rates of employment and improved mental health. Full results of the 24 month trial, spanning February 2019 to February 2021, will be released next year, ultimately offering insight into how participants fared once the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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Rich Haridy

Event: Return on Experience, a Conversation With the Authors

6 hours 49 minutes ago
Event Date: Mar 24, 2021; Event City:

Join us for an hour-long conversation with Co-Authors, Tim Kobe, Founder and CEO of Eight Inc., and Roger Lehman, Psychoanalyst, MIT Senior Lecturer & Emeritus Senior Affiliate Professor, INSEAD, as they discuss their new book, Return on Experience.

Led by Mr. Wu Chen, Managing Director of The Economist Global Business Review, we'll dive into the fundamental belief that design is integral to everything we do and that all human existence has been a result of a progression of successful design outcomes.

Return on Experience is a reflection on the nature of how to see design and to understand the things we create.

To purchase Return on Experience: https://amzn.to/3uSNh5R

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IKEA opens 2nd store in Egypt

9 hours 16 minutes ago

Swedish home furnishing brand IKEA, in collaboration with Al-Futtaim Group company Marakez, opened its second store in Egypt at Mall of Arabia, according to the company’s recent statement.

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Color blindness-correcting contacts inspired by antique glass

9 hours 36 minutes ago

Examples of items made from gold-infused cranberry glass

While there already are glasses that help compensate for red-green color blindness, the lenses often can't be shaped to users' prescriptions. That's why scientists are now developing a new type of corrective contact lens – and it was inspired by old gold-containing glass.

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Ben Coxworth

Ample launches automated battery swap station to help drive EV adoption

11 hours 16 minutes ago

An electric vehicle could have it's old battery modules removed and a fully charged set installed in under 10 minutes

Though the vast majority of cars on the road today run on fossil fuels, that's likely to change in the coming years – as more and more vehicle manufacturers commit to going electric. Startup Ample has come out of R&D stealth mode to help move things along with the launch of an automated battery swap solution for electric vehicles, which makes use of modular battery packs that can be retrofitted to existing EVs.

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Paul Ridden

Wittfoht Architekten

12 hours 6 minutes ago
Wittfoht Architekten
Tax Offices . KARLSRUHE Wittfoht Architekten . photos: © Brigida González . + baunetz Der Neubau des Finanzamts Karlsruhe-Stadt befindet sich in der Oststadt, einem gründerzeitlichen Stadtgebiet mit typischer, den Straßenraum begleitender Blockrandbebauung. Das Grundstück liegt im Blockinneren und schließt westlich an ein ehemaliges Fabrikareal an, das heute unter Denkmalschutz steht und das Polizeipräsidium Karlsruhe … Continue reading Wittfoht Architekten


12 hours 24 minutes ago
Anselm Clavé . Sant Feliu de Llobregat MAIO Architects . + plataforma arquitectura Construcción de 40 viviendas públicas sostenibles en Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. El proyecto forma parte del Plan de Vivienda Asequible que el AMB aprobó en abril de 2017. El mismo prevé la construcción de más de 1.300 viviendas de protección oficial … Continue reading MAIO


12 hours 37 minutes ago
Idilia Foods . Parets del Vallès Arquid . photos: © José Hevia Idilia Foods project, chocolate factory located in Parets del Vallčs, Barcelona, was born from the need of extending the production but respecting the existing buildings. The project gets to unify the entire complex by using on the new building the same precast concrete … Continue reading Arquid