Channel 4 : NAMIBIA

Date News Item Topic Active
16.06.17 Namibian government requested to emulate Kenya’s housing scheme Housing +20%
20.03.17 No Quality Controls Done On Demolished Swakop Houses Housing +10%
19.03.17 Swakop demolishes 90 mass houses due to poor workmanship Building Failures, Demolitions, Housing +10%
16.03.17 Namibia: grown up after a generation into independence, but not yet mature Development +20%
09.03.17 Four-star Green Star rating for Windhoek's @Parkside Green Policies +20%
07.03.17 Namibian Finance Abandons Chinese Airport Loan Airports +10%
02.03.17 Multi-million-dollar refurbishment for Windhoek's Gustav Voigts Malls +20%
13.02.17 Walvis Mass Houses Still Empty Housing +10%
13.02.17 Namibia: Walvis Mass Houses Still Empty Housing +10%
02.02.17 40 People Evicted in Windhoek Evictions +10%
31.10.16 City of Windhoek Picks South African Company to Build Houses Housing +10%
02.09.16 Angolan economic crisis hits Namibian property market Property Development, Real Estate +10%
02.09.16 New Era Construction Back to Work Building Regulations, Construction +10%
02.09.16 Currency deal sours as Angola's economic meltdown continues Economy +20%
20.08.16 Water Woes Cripples Construction Boom Construction, Water Resources +20%
16.08.16 Namibia's CIF Launches Series of SME Events Construction +20%
06.08.16 Massive Developments to Transform Lüderitz Development +10%
26.07.16 Namibia’s first 6-Stars – Emcon Office Windhoek Construction, Green Policies, Office Buildings +30%
13.07.16 Is It All Over Between Namibia and North Korea? Construction, Foreign Activity +30%
13.07.16 Phase Two of Tsumeb Mall Halted Malls +20%