Zumaville & The Nkandla-Mlalazi Smart Growth Centre


South Africans of all walks of life will be currently aware of the mainstream media's latest offerings relating to the construction of South Africa's first post apartheid regional city, the Nkandla-Mlalazi Smart Growth Centre, and President Jacob Zuma's Homestead a short distance away.

The press and opposition political parties are making a huge fuss over the cost of the undertaking, its appropriatness and its close association with President Zuma's ancestral land (which is not State owned as it is part of the Zulu Kingdom). These concerns are valid and of natural interest to the taxpayer and the watchdogs but they miss the point completely - in fact they detract from the real issues.

Many South African architects, urbanists and planners will agree that the construction of regional cities in under developed rural areas is both desirable and sensible. It alliviates the capacity and growth problems which our major rural centres are facing, reduces transportation dependency, reduces poverty and builds capacity where it is most needed. It's not rocket science; it makes sense. It improves quality of life, builds communities, strong economies and sustains the family tradition.

Assuming that there is general concensus that new regional urban centres are a good idea, the first three key questions which manifest are these;

1. What should these cities look like?
2. Where should they be located?
3. How will these developments be financed?

The latter two have been the subject and focus of most of the mainstream media's coverage. A few flippant and uninformed comments were recorded when the architects who designed the project released images to the media but they all missed the point completely. It is not the form that should be of interest or concern; it is the FUNCTION.

The true function, or purpose, of this development is clearly defined in its title; "Smart Growth". Smart Growth, Smart Cities and "New Urbanism" is something that numerous well informed South African architects believe will have a disastrous effect on the future of South Africa, its people, its economy, its freedom and its independence.

Those in positions of influence or power in South Africa should be questioning the United Nations Agenda 21's role in the creation, contruction and future occupation of the Nkandla-Mlalazi Smart Growth Centre - as well as all other planned "Smart Growth" centres in the country.

Information on this subject is widely available on the Internet; from the idiot's point of view (5 Minutes) to the informed specialist lecture (1.5 Hours).

It's all there... there is no mystery, no conspiracy - just facts. 

UN Agenda 21 is an uncomfortable truth for many architects and urbanists in South Africa today; it does not sit well with us. It has adversely affected those who were manipulated into collaborating, promoting and executing it without full disclosure or knowledge of the facts pertaining to the individuals and the agenda behind the entire operation.

We urge the South African investigative media to take a closer look at the role which the UN's Agenda 21 covert goals have impacted on the creation of the Nkandla-Mlalazi Smart Growth Centre. It is that which needs to be questioned. Little else matters beyond that - for now.